Fake UA Curry 4 MVP On eBay Being Sold Blatantly, Is Under Armour Aware Of This

Fake UA Curry 4 MVP On eBay Being Sold Blatantly

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I’ve written several posts about eBay’s lack of attention to details when it comes to replicas/bootlegs. I don’t think eBay cares at all. Two weeks ago I was looking for a pair of the Jordan 6 Travis Scott on the platform and was stunned with the amount replica pairs of the model that were being sold on there, see post below

eBay Is Polluted With The Fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 6- Beware

I’ll actually quote a portion of the post just to show you how polluted eBay was with the counterfeit Jordan 6 Travis Scott

Out of the 19 listings of the Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 currently posted on eBay , only one listing is potentially featuring an authentic pair while the remaining 18 listings are auctioning replicas. That means that 95% of the Jordan 6 Travis Scott being sold on eBay at this moment are fake. Now you understand why StockX created the perfect platform; eBay turned a blind eye to this problem for too long and relied on the feedback system ( and that has proven to be deceptive)

This morning I was trying to see if sellers were already carrying the Under Armour Curry 7, but my quest led to another discovery. There was a particular seller that was shamelessly selling fake pairs of the UA Curry 4 MVP, see pictures below


Fake UA Curry 4 MVP On eBay Being Sold Blatantly

It’s comical, whoever manufactured these shoes has their own logo ” MBK Alliance” yet insist on adding Under Armour and Curry’s logos on the shoes as well. There is no doubt that there are thousands of replicas on the market , but a place like eBay should not permit the sale of this type of counterfeits. eBay has allowed these bootlegs to slip through the cracks and turned a blind eye to it. If I can scan the marketplace and find this shoe so easily, so can eBay fraud team. The consistent lack of integrity eBay has displayed over the years has led to the success of newer marketplaces like StockX. Users are tired of being taken advantage of and deceived on eBay and the platform hasn’t implemented stricter measures to prevent this problem. Check out the picture below

Fake UA Curry 4 MVP On eBay Being Sold Blatantly 4

Zero in on the price , the number of pairs sold and the location of the seller. So far the seller recorded 10 sales and is going to be shipping this item directly from China. This is just one seller among many others carrying fakes and conducting business on eBay blatantly.

Fake UA Curry 4 MVP On eBay Being Sold Blatantly 5
The same seller sold about 51 pairs of the Under Armour HOVR Phantom on eBay as well


PS:I’ve done a lot of comparisons between fake and authentic sneakers over the last couple of years, and realized  I never put together a comprehensive list of all the posts I created. So to help you guys make better decisions prior to making any purchases online from third party merchants, I created this Legit check list today ( over 100 comparisons). I’ll update it periodically because fakes/replicas are getting upgraded as I type this. The replica industry has been using our comparisons to perfect their items, basically they look at the flaws we point out and fix them. So it’s an ongoing problem and I’ll do my best to keep this post as current as possible

You can purchase the list now for  $19.99 -CLICK HERE


StockX Will Soon Bury Most Third Party Sneaker Marketplaces, Amazon Included

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