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Housakicks On Youtube

Watch How Many Pairs Made On Youtube-CLICK HERE

I spend a lot of time collecting data via retail and third party marketplaces and write these projection posts to get an estimate of the number of pairs brands might’ve put on the market. Most people want to usually know how many pairs have been made and how much the shoe is worth on third party marketplaces.  If you are one those people, be sure to check out How Many Pairs Made?

Pure Mathematics on Youtube-CLICK HERE

These short video clips I have added on my channel are meant to assist you in doing your math assignments. I will be covering a variety of topics in the following subjects: Pre-algebra, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Statistics, Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, Pre calculus, Calculus, and much more.

HK/Apologetics on Youtube-CLICK HERE

I created this section for the sole purpose of exploring difficult questions about the Christian faith that most of us shy away from-is the Bible reliable? How Do I know Jesus really existed? What about the Resurrection? Who wrote the Gospels?