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Housakicks is part of a Network made up of 2 websites ( Housakicks.com and Tayibs.com) operated by Tayib Salami who creates content that delivers Eternal Value to the sneaker community and mankind in general. I maintain the Network with my own financial resources. If you like what you read and see here, consider supporting the site. Your support is very much appreciated.

Housakicks covers a variety of topics i.e ( tips on authenticating sneakers, quick sneaker reviews, release reports and projection articles intended to help the reader in their buying decision) .Some of the projection articles can be very useful to retailers as well since they help in predicting how  certain commodities are going to perform in the retail market.

Tayibs.com was launched for the sole purpose of exploring difficult questions about the Christian faith that most of us shy away from. In 2017, I entered a very dark time in my life and it’s only by the grace of the Living God that I’m still alive today. It led me to really go deeper in my faith and consider a myriad of questions that I never thought about asking myself or others before such as-is the Bible reliable? How Do I know Jesus really existed? What about the Resurrection? Who wrote the Gospels? These are legitimate questions that many people may be thinking about but unfortunately when individuals in the Christian faith are confronted with these tough questions, they usually revert to I believe because I have faith. And consequently, they make the Christian Faith into a fairy tale/Santa Claus story. But what I realized is that Belief In Jesus is evidence based and the reason why many of us miss it is because we haven’t invested ourselves into understanding The Sacred Scriptures. With that said, let’s dive into these topics together and hopefully you’ll come to understand that Jesus is who He says He is- THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.