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Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 OG Fearless-Quick Tips To Identify The Fakes

Real VS Fake Air jordan 1 OG Fearless 12
The Air Jordan 1 OG fearless will release in about 3 days from today and I wrote projection post on it a few days ago, see link below This shoe is without a question a target for the replica industry and today I was able to do a side by side comparison between a legitimate and a fake one. The fake pair was a size 8.5 and the authentic ones used in this post were between a size 9-10 for accuracy purposes. ( keep that in mind as you read the presentation). This is just a preventive method to avoid counterfeits ( my goal is to always prevent the problem before it occurs). The mid section swoosh logo is almost bubbly and made with a cheap material; patent leather is indeed glossy but the fake pair swoosh logo features a plastic like material. The logo is smaller on the fake pair than it is on the authentic one  and its shape is awful ( zero in on the red arrows). This
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