Air Jordan 1 OG Fearless CK5666-100 | How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

Air Jordan 1 OG Fearless CK5666-100 How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

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The Air Jordan 1 OG Fearless will land officially on November the 1st and folks in the sneaker community are definitely thirsting after it. While the Jordan 1 SBB 3.0 was extremely limited, the Fearless AJ1 will not be as limited but it will still be a hard shoe to come by. I will attempt to come up with a reasonable estimate of the number of pairs that could’ve been made this morning. The first thing that must be done is getting a count of the number of retailers/boutiques allocated an inventory beside Nike:

Major Retailers: FootlockerFootaction , Champs available in stores and online JD Sports, Finishline, Hibbett

Minor Retailers: KicksUSA, Ruvilla/DTLR, Jimmy Jazz, ShoePalace, Sheikh, ShopNicekicks

These are the only retailers ( major and minor) that I can confirm so far; there might a few more local boutiques/retailers that I didn’t mention. I will invite you to do our own homework for that matter. But this is sufficient information to fetch our numbers; we’ll now check out Footlocker, Champs and Footaction release maps and create from our assumptions from there.

air jordan 1 fearless footlocker release map

It was a bit hard to hand count the number of stores using on the map above so I chose two random states and created a percentage based on that. Alabama has a total of 14 FTL stores and only 5 will be carrying the OG Fearless AJ1 ( that’s about 35%). New York has about 78 stores and only 27 were allocated ( that’s about 35% as well). So we can assume that 35% of all FTL stores will be given an inventory, that is

893 ( total number of FTL stores) x .35= 321.55 let say 322

air jordan 1 fearless footaction release map

Footaction was obviously easy to work with, there are only two stores getting the sneaker.

air jordan 1 fearless champs release map

Based on the map above , a total of 70 champs stores were given an inventory. Now let’s set up our assumptions and run our numbers:

-Footlocker, Footaction and Champs will receive about 1/4 of the entire US inventory

-FTL & FTA & Champs online will receive about a 1/4 of the inventory the physical stores are getting

-We’ll also assign another 1/4 of the inventory the online locations are getting to Eastbay

-We’ll assume that each Footlocker store will receive 24 pairs and we’ll assign 12 pairs to Champs stores and maybe 100 pairs for each of the Footaction locations.


FTL+ FTA + Champs( physical stores allocation)= (322 x 24)+ (2 x 100)+ (70 x 12)= 8768

FTL + FTA+ Champs( online allocation)= 8768 x (1/4)=2192

Eastbay=2192/4= 548

Total for Footlocker & Footaction& Champs online and in store=8768 +2192+ 548=11508

And the Grand total for North America will be 11508 x 4=46032 let say 46,000 pairs. You can double that amount and get an idea of how many pairs were made worldwide ( 90,0000 or 100,000).


Now let’s see how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces; we’ll consider eBay and StockX’s data and draw our conclusions from there. Let’s start with eBay, see histogram below

air jordan 1 og fearless market value on eBay

I’ve only included data from legitimate sellers from eBay to avoid any inaccuracy ( there are lots of fake sneakers being sold on eBay at extremely low prices). The average sale value based on the histogram above is : $11205 ( total # of revenue)/ 38 ( total # of sales recorded)=$294.86 let say $295. 

At $295 , folks are looking at a 75.11% mark up which is very incredible. Now let me add this really quick. Sizes that sold the highest were sizes8-8.5( as much as $480). Sizes 9-10.5 sold anywhere from $300-$350 and sizes 11 and above were selling between $250 and $260. So we can say that selling this sneaker on eBay is definitely going to bring in a decent profit. Even at $250, after selling and shipping fees are deducted, you’ll be ending with a $30 profit ( which isn’t bad if you can score 5 pairs).

Now let’s see how the shoe is doing on StockX

air jordan 1 og fearless market value on stockx

Stockx’s average price is higher than eBay at $373 ( but I think the only reason why it is that high is because most sizes being sold on the platform are sizes 10 and below). The marketplace has recorded a total of 800 sales and the mark up is at 115%. You are better off selling the shoe on StockX at this moment since the only thing you’d be paying for is the selling fee.

Should you buy to Flip? I think even a dead man can answer that question out of his grave.

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Footlocker, JD Sports, Finishline,  KicksUSA,ShopNicekicks

Third party marketplaces:


OR on eBay from our legitimate sellers in the listings below



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