Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great- Quick Tips To Spot The Fakes

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The Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great released a couple of weeks ago, if you’ve missed my projection post it, be sure check out the link below

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 OG Fearless-Quick Tips To Identify The Fakes

I’m actually surprised that it took bootleggers this long to make the counterfeit pairs. I finally came across pictures of the replicas yesterday and did a side by side comparison. In this comparison, I will also show you how to authenticate your own pairs from the comfort of your house. Here are the quick tips to identify the fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great. Be sure to watch the video below in which I talk about the newer technologies added to the latest Nike, Air Jordan sneakers that will give you additional tips to authenticate your sneaker.

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue the Great 2

The height is always one area that bootleggers can never get right, the replica pair isn’t as high as its authentic counterpart. The shape of the heel counter is also off ( the back isn’t quite vertical). The positioning of the “Blue” text is completely wrong ( both pairs are size 9’s)- there is a gap between the heel counter and the” blue the Great text” on the replica pair ( see yellow arrow and rectangle). The swoosh logo has loose threads on the fake pair ( see  yellow arrows pointing up). I wasn’t going to mention the differences of the green color on the eyestay, but I think it’s worth noticing ( see red arrow).

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue the Great 4

This slide is just an emphasis on the differences in the colors ( don’t go only by the colors though since lighting can affect this area)

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Island Green 7

Both of these pictures were taking in the same outside ( lighting is the same) and you can still notice the difference in the green colors highlighted by the yellow arrow (1). Also zero in on the shape of the swoosh logo ( poor craftsmanship on the fake pair (2)).


Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue the Great 5

There many flaws to mention here, (1)the red tab on the fake pair isn’t as wide as the one on the real pair ( see yellow line). (2)You can see how the logo ( yellow circle) goes from the lateral side of the authentic pair to the back, but only covers the lateral side on the fake pair.(3) Because the fake pair isn’t as high as the authentic one, the gap between the logo and the edges of the heel is smaller on the replica pair. (4)The yellow arrows pointing down show you how the white layer isn’t as think and wide on the fake pair as it is on the real one. (5)Also zero in on the gap between the wings logo and the white layer ( shorter on the fake pair).

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue the Great 3

(1) The suede material on the authentic pair is rougher than it is on the fake one ( the leather on the fake is more smooth). (2) The logo is too dull and less vibrant on the replica pair than it is on the authentic one.

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue the Great 1

The retail pair released in North America has a suggested retail tag on it, the fake pair I’ve come across doesn’t ( that doesn’t necessarily mean that any pair that doesn’t have the tag is fake). You will also see that the QR Code and the RFID tag prints are slightly different between both pairs ( see red circle, i’m talking about the nuances in the font and the boldness of each print).

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue the Great 1

The 9 is thicker on the box label of the replica pair than it is on the authentic one. The size, font and boldness of the letters/digits between both pairs are totally different.

So far these are the only pictures that I could collect, I’ll add more differences once the shoe releases officially.

PS: The Real VS Fake posts require a lot of time to write because replica/counterfeits are getting better and spotting their flaws is a meticulous task. I understand that some of you may still be unsure about the authenticity of your sneakers, this is why I’m providing the video below to give additional help. Be sure to watch it in its entirety and don’t forget to subscribe to my website. Your support is greatly appreciated

Here is where you purchase authentic pairs from

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