Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 | How Many Pairs Made & Market Value?

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

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Releasing officially on  Saturday November the 9th is the  Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great. The shoe was birthed out of joint work between Nike and Los Angeles based artist, Blue the Great, for more on the story visit,and that explains why California Footlocker stores were the most allocated. My task this evening is to come up with an estimate of the number of pairs that Nike could’ve made. And I’ll first take a quick count of the stores given an inventory.

Beside Nike we have,

Major Retailers: FootlockerFootaction (I’m assuming it’s going to be available in stores and online JD SportsFinishline, 

Minor Retailers: Sheikh  ( so far this is the only minor chain that I could confirm and the store is using the raffle procedure, click on the link for more details)

It’s always good for you as a reader to also do your own homework and I welcome all additional information. Feel free to contact me with a list of other boutiques/retailers or stores I haven’t mentioned that may also be carrying the shoes comes November 9. Since Footlocker and Footaction have the most reliable data available, i’ll take a look at their release map, formulate my assumptions from there and then run my numbers.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 Footlocker release map
Footlocker Release Map– I counted about 48 stores and 40 of those stores are in California, see map below


Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 Footlocker release map CA

This is the state of California alone, a closer look at the map showed that 40 stores in CA were allocated an inventory ( the artist that behind the shoes is Californian hence Footlocker decided to show favoritism to those particular stores). So about 83% of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great given to Footlocker will be sold in California.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 Footaction release map
Footaction Release Map– a total of 10 stores allocated, 8 of them are also located in California

Now let me lean on my usual assumptions and run the numbers:

-Footlocker, Footaction  will receive about 1/3 of the entire US inventory

-FTL & FTA s online will receive about a 1/3 of the inventory the physical stores are getting

-We’ll assume that each Footlocker store will receive 36 pairs and we’ll assign 48 pairs to Footaction locations ( since only 10 locations are carrying the shoes)


FTL+ FTA ( physical stores allocation)= (48 x 36)+ (10 x 48)= 1728+480=2208

FTL + FTA( online allocation)= 2208x (1/3)=736


Total for Footlocker & Footaction online and in store= 2208 +736=2944 let say 3000 pairs

And the Grand total for North America will be 3000 x 3=9000 pairs ( and I want to add an extra 3000 because of possible errors due to the lack of accurate data. So I’ll say a total of 12,000 pairs were made for North America and maybe 24,000 or 36,000 worldwide. Once again I could be totally wrong so don’t quote me on it ( take everything with a grain of salt). All the information is purely based on my own assumptions.


I usually only use data from eBay and StockX but today I’ll add kixify. We’ll start with eBay first, see image below

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 ebay value

eBay has close to zero data to work with, there was only one sale recorded and the merchant was located in the UK and the item sold for $452.15. This isn’t enough information to say anything about the potential thir party market value of the shoe.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 ebay value 1

There are only 11 listings recorded via eBay and all of them are from international sellers. All this is reinforcing the fact that the sneaker is really limited.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 stockx data

StockX also only recorded 8 sales and that also shows how scarce this shoe is. 8 sales aren’t sufficient to make a quick assessment on a shoe but that’s all we have. So the current resale price is $313, that’s about a a 123.57% mark up since the retail price of the Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great is $130 before tax.

Sorry but no sales were recorded via Kixify.

Should you buy to flip? I’ll answer yes considering the fact that shoe is extremely limited ( no sales data available). As far as the right size to buy , I wouldn’t comment on that but I’ll invite you to aim for the smaller sizes first ( for home runs) and larger sizes for base hits.

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Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100
img via Nike

Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great

style#CU2805-100, $130


FootlockerJD SportsFinishline

Third party marketplaces:

StockX-Click Here

or eBay see links below




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