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Quick Ways To Identify The Fake White Supreme Air Jordan 14

I saw the Fake White Supreme Air Jordan 14 a few days ago but the complexity of my schedule didn't allow me to do a side by side comparisons for you guys till this morning. Now I don't have an authentic pair on hands so I had to lean on pictures I fetched online. Again this is meant to be help you , it isn't a definitive guideline bu a preventive way to avoid the fakes. Both the fake and the authentic pairs used in the pictures below are a size 9. The more the details on a shoe, the harder it is for bootleggers to replicate it. The tongue of the supreme 14's is very complex, you can clearly see for both pictures above that the pattern of the outside of the tongue of the fake pair is completely off ( see yellow squares). The supreme logo on the tongue tab is also misaligned on both fake pairs I came across, see picture above. This is the toe box of the right pair; the jumpman logo between both pairs are different and if you look at the extension of the tongue, the holes a
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