The Putian Special Fake Air Jordan 13 DMP Are Out | Don’t Get Got

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Putian for those who don’t know is the city at the heart of China’s counterfeit products; many of the taobao sellers, as well as the Instagram and shady websites get 99.9% of their products from Putian’s distribution channels. The Jordan DMP, introduced a few days ago, has already landed on replica websites. In attempt to be the first to have the information, many popular sneaker blogs tend to share pics that originated from sites such as the one you will see below, and impulsive buyers are so quick to pull the trigger and end up with low quality bootlegs.

inside one of putian’s suspected shady factories

Now some folks knowingly buy the fakes for vanity purposes; and others do so to to resell it for large profits, especially when it comes to exclusives like the DMP 13. I do not have official pictures of the pack yet to do a comparison; however I have gathered images of the Fake Air Jordan 13 DMP I across for your convenience. Stay away from any seller claiming to have early access to the shoes, especially if they are identical to the ones below.

One of the main flaws I have noticed on the fake jordan 13’s is that the circle on the panels are very shallow and not pushed in. Check the picture below for clarification

The lining around the tongue is barely noticeable on the fakes; it is supposed to be at least an inch thick I believe. See picture below for clarification
Check the lining around the tongue on the authentic pair

tayib salami