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Real VS Fake Sneakers- how to authenticate sneakers

This page was specifically designed to help authenticate sneakers you’ve purchased from third party merchants. There are a substantial number of Real VS Fake sneakers posts in this section to assist with identifying fake air jordan retros, nike sneakers, adidas yeezy and more

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan CNY Chinese New Year

The Fake Air Jordan 13 CNY Chinese New Year has been on the market for a while but I was waiting for the legitimate pair to hit retailers in order to do a comparison. I finally had an opportunity to get my hands on a retail pair a couple of days ago and proceeded to look for nuances between the shoe I had and its fake counterpart. Both sneakers used in the presentation are 9.5’s. This isn’t an exhaustive comparison, I’m sure there are several other folks who might’ve done a better job than I did, use this only as a preventive method. The spaceRead More →

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott Courtesy Of Tru Tru Vs Fu Fu

You guys know that I’ve always tried to do my best to provide you with some of the best comparisons between fakes and authentic sneakers. But the replica industry has perfected their fakes and it’s almost impossible to do a comparison without having both the authentic and the fake pairs on hands. I’ve received a lot of constructive and not so much constructive criticisms from some visitors and I’ve decided to scan the internet for the best comparisons around. Today I came across a good authentication video between the Real and the Fake air jordan 6 Travis Scott from a youtuber named Tru Tru VsRead More →

fake off white air jordan 5

I came across a Fake pair of the upcoming  Off White Air Jordan 5  this morning. This is probably going to be one replicated shoe in the year 2020 so gird your loins for action. Unfortunately I don’t have an authentic pair as a backdrop for a  side-by-side comparison. All I can do now is offer you some tips to quickly  identify the fakes. Be sure to watch the video below in its entirety.Read More →

fake air jordan 6 dmp

 The Air Jordan 6 DMP is releasing on January the 25th, and it is probably my favorite colorway of the Jordan 6 silhouette. The shoe released originally in 2006 as a package and came with a lot of perks. Nike decided to bring it back again I’m excited about it.  But as you all know, bootleggers are going to target it and and fake pairs of the Dmp 6’s already on the market. Since I don’t have on an authentic pair on hands for a side by side comparison, I’m going to use it checklist  below to help you bust the fakes.  1. Release Date:Read More →

Real Vs Fake Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott 1

The Fake Travis Scott x  Air Force 1 Low has been on the market for quite some time now but I didn’t get an opportunity to do a side by side comparison till this day. And every time I write these real vs fake posts, I’m reminded of the danger of following the ever subtle counterfeit gospels. Paul the apostle and Jesus Himself warns about the dangers of false teachers and calls them wolves in sheep clothing. And the question that I get from a lot of people is this? How do you know that what you believe is True? Even Pilate asked Jesus: ”Read More →

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey

The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey released officially on December the 2nd in massive numbers. But that hasn’t prevented bootleggers to create their own replicas. I finally had an opportunity to visit my local mall yesterday and took several pictures of an authentic pair of the Jordan 12 Dark Grey ( in size 9) so I can do a side by side comparison with the fake one  ( in size 9 as well). Here are quick tips to identify the fake air jordan 12 dark grey. The gap between the plastic tab and the heel portion of the midsole ( see red arrow) is widerRead More →

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great released a couple of weeks ago, if you’ve missed my projection post it, be sure check out the link below Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great CU2805-100 | How Many Pairs Made & Market Value? I’m actually surprised that it took bootleggers this long to make the counterfeit pairs. I finally came across pictures of the replicas yesterday and did a side by side comparison. In this comparison, I will also show you how to authenticate your own pairs from the comfort of your house. Here are the quick tips to identify the fake Air JordanRead More →

how to authenticate or legit check your own sneakers

A couple of months ago I was checking my website’s statistics to find out what the most viewed articles were, and the results were astonishing, see link below Housakicks Traffic, Most Viewed Links, Posts & The Implications A substantial amount of the folks that visited my site were looking at the Real vs Fake content and it makes perfect sense. The market has been so flooded with near perfect fake sneakers that the average person and even the most trained authenticator have a difficult time identifying a replica shoe from its authentic counterpart. Every time you purchase a shoe from a n unauthorized vendor (Read More →

Earlier this morning, I wrote a post in which I stated that the Air Jordan 13 XIII Island Green was massively produced, see link below The Air Jordan 13 XIII Island Green 414571-030 Will Be Available In Massive Numbers As you all know, fake pairs of this model are already out and I wanted to show you quickly how to identify them. I don’t have an authentic pair on hand yet so I had to use official pictures fetched from Nike and a couple of other retailers. Both the authentic and the replica pairs used in the presentation are of size 9.5. Again this isRead More →

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