Don’t Get Got: Fake What The Air Jordan 1 Spotted

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The What The Air Jordan 1 is set to release on November 28 worldwide and so far there was only one official picture of the shoe that has been published. The shoe is a combination of the top three editions of the Jordan 1 that have been dropped in the past since the “GOAT” entered the NBA in 1984; included in the mix are the Air Jordan 1 Banned, Royal and Chicago editions. The actual name of the What The Air Jordan 1 is the Air Jordan 1 top three.  I was able to find an official picture of the shoe see image below.


Offical pictures of the Air jordan 1 Top Three



STYLE # 555088-026, 4160, NOVEMBER 28

As soon as the news of the ” what the Air jordan 1″ release was made public, pirate factories wasted no time and created their own version of these. The result was catastrophic; pictures were popping up left right and many people got thrown into confusion. I have included  pictures of the replica what the aj1 , which you will see below, stay away from anyone claiming these are authentic.



fake-what-the-air-jordan-1-3 fake-what-the-air-jordan-1

We will soon give you an update of retailers that will be carrying the “what the AJ1”, and will also give you information on what you could do to score a pair, stay tuned.

tayib salami