Fake Pairs Of The Air Jordan 1 Chicago Reimagined Have Already Surfaced, Beware!!

Real vs fake air jordan 1 high chicago reimagined 1

It seems that no matter how often Nike and other major sneaker brands try to crack down on the replica industry, the counterfeiters always find a way to stay one step ahead. The latest example […]

Beware Of The Fake Air Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire

Fake Air jordan 1 Rebellionaire

The fake air Jordan 1 Rebellionaire is already out, and is being sold on several social media groups. It’s difficult to spot them without having the genuine pair on hand. As a result, this post […]

Watch Out For The Fake Air Jordan 1 Element Gore Tex

The Fake Air Jordan 1 Element Gore Tex has made its way onto the scene. This is a shoe that many are after because its functionality. It is equipped with a technology that renders it […]

How To Quickly Spot & Identify The Fake A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 1

real vs fake a ma maniere air jordan 1 official

Although the Fake A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 1 has already surfaced, it is impossible to pinpoint any flaws due to the lack of images of genuine pairs on hand. Because counterfeit sneakers are nearly […]

The Fake Off White Air Jordan 2 Is Already Out, Beware

Fake off white air jordan 2 is already out

The Fake Off White Air Jordan 2 has already made it way onto the scene and I wanted to warn you about it. Unfortunately no official images of the legitimate pairs are out yet. So […]

How To Spot & Identify The Fake Air Jordan1 University Blue

Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 University Blue 2

I was scrolling through my facebook page and came across a post from an individual who had a fair amount of the Air Jordan 1 University Blue. The shoe does not officially release till March […]