CJ McCollum & Kevin Durant Discuss The Most Unguardable Players In The NBA

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If you are tired of hearing emotionally charged sports analysts babble about the game of basketball in a very subjective way, then I’ll invite you to check out Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum podcast, it’s called the Pull Up With CJ. You are going to be listening to actual NBA players give you an objective perspective about the league and its players. This past week CJ invited Durant and as much as I’ve developed a disdain towards KD since he joined the Warriors,  listening to his unbiased conversation with CJ yesterday changed my mind about him-I’m ready to bury my beef with KD ( not that he even knows or cares about it )

Both guys talked about the most hard to contain players they’ve played against and I’m glad they didn’t bring up obvious guys like Lebron, Curry, Harden, Westbrook and themselves. Coach Nick from Bballbreakdown ( sub to his channel) made a video out of the conversation that I thought was brilliant. Watch it and enjoy

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