Fake Air Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard: Quick Tips To Avoid Em

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I have set myself up with these comparisons of fakes and authentic shoes I have been  doing. I just got done with two projects a couple of days ago, and BOOM I receive a new request from an individual who wants to see a comparison between  a Fake Air Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard and real one. Needless to say I had to reply to the request and challenge myself again. Please understand that these comparisons aren’t exhaustive, and I don’t claim to be such a “shoe expert” that I can’t learn from other folks. All additional constructive feedback and criticism are welcome, we are all here to help each other out.

Here is the quick breakdown of the Fake Air Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard:


The yellow circle on the authentic pair shows that the texture of the tumbled leather is totally different- the material used on the fake pair is rough, and the one on the real pair is softer. The black swoosh is slightly different on both pairs; if you look at the yellow rectangle, you can clearly see that the stitching on both pairs is definitely different ( neat on the real pair and not so on the fake one). The arrows pointing to the midsoles of both pairs shows that both shoes do not have the same pattern -it s clearer on the real pair, you can see the shapes. Even though the picture of the fake pair is blurry, the pattern is barely noticeable. The orange leather on the eyestay  is soft and with no wrinkles on the real pair but the fake pair has a rougher surface with many wrinkles.


the edges around the heel are smooth on the real pair and uneven on the fake pair.The black strip around the back is proerly lined up on the real pair and uneven on the fake one, same thing with the white leather strip.


the rectangles confirm one more time how pronounced the shapes are on the midsole of the real pair, but barely noticeable on the fake one.


Do I even to talk about this part? Check both squared areas, the surface and texture of the leather on the real pair is soft ; the fake pair has a very rough surface.



The inside tags shows different production dates ( not that it matters that much, but i would stay away from anything with the fake shoe production date). Also the real pair has a light bone inside label and the fake phone as a clean white label.

fake-reverse-shattered-backboard1-8 fake-reverse-shattered-backboard1-9

I hope this helps; if you are looking for authentic pairs of the Jordan 1 SBB, refer to the Trusted Sellers below


tayib salami