More Off -White Inspired Air Jordan 1 Retros For The Fall

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The Off-White collection’s success has given Nike the right hand to explore more possibilities with their sneakers. We’ve seen the birth of several sneakers that scream “OFF-White” at first glance i.e The Just Do It Pack. It seems as if the Jordan 1 is Nike’s guinea pig when it comes to testing out new concepts. Since the Off-White 1’s were nominated shoe of the year in 2017, it’s only right for Nike to create hybrid versions of them. I came across colorful Jordan 1 Retros  slapped with  Nike slogans on the panels supposedly coming out in the month of September. Check out the pictures below and let me know your thoughts on them.

This pair comes in a more conservative color and I definitely wouldn’t mind picking up a pair

None of the shoes appear to have any perforations on the toe box, i wonder if that was purposely done for the cold weathers.

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tayib salami