Nike’s Off White Collection Might’ve Opened A Can Of Worms

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Last year Nike’s Off White collection has set in motion a range of things that might be detrimental to many brands. I don’t mind the idea of being creative that Virgin Abloh and many others have adopted, but folks don’t see the impending consequences that come with it. There are good ones and bad ones; on one hand artists/customizers are now thriving- we’ve all been treated to countless custom off white themed sneakers, and to be honest a substantial number of the them look better than the actual collection from Nike.

HUYCUSTOMS x Off White Adidas Yeezy 350, Would You Rock Em?

On the other hand bootleggers are using this opportunity to their advantage by introducing tons of fakes that are flying under the radar. At this point it’s hard to tell whether a certain shoe with random phrases and patches of Nike logos across its panels is fake or not. How can you tell? Check the shoe in the pictures below? Is it a replica or a custom? The lines are now blurred and that is going to be a thorn on many brands’s sides over the next years. Consumers are always looking for unique products and I can guarantee you right now that people will fork out a fortune for these prototype Air Jordan 1 Off white Vuitton’s. Not that I care but brands need to be aware of these potential problems prior to creating weird hybrids.
tayib salami