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The Air Jordan Future Returns In 2018, So Long Edit To Amplify

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I’m really beginning to wonder if Nike ‘s claim of revamping the way their sneakers are produced via the Edit To Amplify campaign will ever become a reality. It’s hard to figure out what the brand is up to;
they are vacillating between putting out their most sought after sneakers and their lukewarm ones.
Today I️ woke up to the news that the Jordan future was making a return next year which to me is  another head scratcher.
Why in the world would Jordan Brand resurrect a shoe that became a dust collector. The futures  were supposed to be the bridge between performance and lifestyle and the earlier models lived up to that expectation. The black and red as well as the 3m reflective glow in the dark colorways sold out instantly.
Instead of making the Jordan future somewhat of a scarce commodity, the company saw an opportunity  and as usual flooded the market with more pointless colorways which resulted in the  imminent death of the future line .
Air Jordan Future “Bred” modeled after the iconic jordan 11 black red “bred”
img via Nike
So bringing it back in an era where some of Nike’s staple sneakers ( the Jordan retros ) are sitting in stores make no sense to me. I’m not sure if the Jordan Future will be remastered or upgraded but I still think it’s a silly business move.

Nike’s Edit To Amplify Is Definitely Reshaping The Upcoming Jordan Retro Releases

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