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air jordan 1 high unc to chicago CD0461-046

Jordan Brand has been munching on the success of the Jordan 1 silhouette for the past few years. Both the Mid and the High 1’s are on demand now and Nike continues to release newer colorways of the Jordan 1 with very shallow backstories. But it’s all part of the Edit To Amplify campaign so it makes perfect sense. Releasing in the Spring of 2020 is the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC To Chicago, and the story behind is pretty self explanatory ( the transition of Michael Jordan from the University of North Carolina to the Chicago Bulls). This shoes includes a DarkRead More →

This morning I was very encouraged by what I witnessed in my local mall; the Bred 4 made its official return today in its OG form and I wanted to do a bit of scouting on it, see post below Air Jordan 4 Bred Quick Retail Release Report & Observations The sole purpose of the report was to show that when Nike releases the right shoe ( in other words products that consumer are looking for) good things happen. I was checking out Kicksonfire and came across what looks like a pair Jordan 5 inspired the University of Michigan, and there is no doubt thatRead More →

Nike hasn’t been very consistent with following the Edit To Amplify campaign since it was announced. If you don’t believe me just check out a list of  the shoes the brand has released this year that have been  head scratchers i.e Nike Zoom rookie, the Jordan future ( many colorways that are rotting at department stores for under $40), the Jordan 19, the Air force 1 high foamposite cupsole; the list could go on but I’ll stop here. Even though these shoes are considered terrible in the consumers’ eyes, Nike doesn’t really suffer from the poor sales they generate, it’s the retailers that have bothRead More →

My partner Chris from ARCH and I were having a conversation a couple of days ago about Jordan Brand and their recent Retro releases i.e. the Satin 5 and the Chlorophyll 3. During our exchange in which we both agreed that retailers were the ones in bad shape, he added a staggering statement that resonated with me, Man that whole Edit to amplify campaign was a joke And I second that, Nike seemed to have implemented the plan  in the beginning of the year 2018 but as soon as tax season came around, the Edit To Amplify went out of the window. The market isRead More →

I’m really beginning to wonder if Nike ‘s claim of revamping the way their sneakers are produced via the Edit To Amplify campaign will ever become a reality. It’s hard to figure out what the brand is up to; they are vacillating between putting out their most sought after sneakers and their lukewarm ones. Today I️ woke up to the news that the Jordan future was making a return next year which to me is  another head scratcher. Why in the world would Jordan Brand resurrect a shoe that became a dust collector. The futures  were supposed to be the bridge between performance and lifestyleRead More →

Evidences of  Nike’s Edit To Amplify campaign continue to pile up as the brand keeps foreshadowing the sneakers on its 2018  release calendar. Last week, we were told about the return of another all time sneaker heads favorite- the Air Jordan 11 Concord, which to me is not surprising at all. Nike is doing exactly what they say they will do, do away with products that don’t work and give their attention to those that work . But bringing back a shoe like the Eminem Air Jordan 4 is bit of a surprise to me. The Eminem 4 was a tribute to his ENCORE album, andRead More →

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have a large mass appeal and both are Jordan brand signees, but neither one has been able to successfully convert their fan base into loyal buyers of their signature shoes. Nike CEO Mark Parker has been preaching the Edit To Amplify for quite some time now and we are beginning to see the campaign being implemented. Basically the Edit To Amplify aims to do away with products that do not work and Melo’s signature shoes fall right in that category. Jordan hybrids have always been perceived as the “poor man Retro” and are usually shunned by the masses. Melo’s sneakersRead More →

Chris Burns from ARCH and I have been talking about Nike’s Edit To Amplify in several articles of ours. For those who aren’t familiar with the phrase, it is a new strategy by Nike intended to amplify innovation, edit or do away with the products that do not work. Basically Nike wants to cut out anything that is not generating any sales/profit to put it into raw terms. And it makes sense to me given the amount of  Nike sneakers sitting on shelves in local shopping malls. I was looking at the upcoming Jordan Retro releases and I came to the realization that JB wasRead More →

Nike Air Force 1 What The NYC CT3610-100

I was very excited when I came across pictures of the Air Force 1 “What The LA” a week ago, if you didn’t read my post about it, see link below The Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100 Is A Must Have One of the things that I mentioned in the post was Nike’s lack of restraint when it comes to protecting the uniqueness of a theme or concept. I didn’t have to wait too long to see the “concept overkill” put on display again- the Nike Air Force 1 What The NYC scheduled to release on October the 17th screams the beginningRead More →

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