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Air Jordan 4 cool grey Quick Release Report & Local Mall Scouting

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey Quick Release Report & Local Mall Scouting

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I went out around 10 am this morning to look for a new desktop for my son and ended up turning this computer quest into a local mall scouting. I still don’t know why Jordan Brand decided to release the Cool Grey 4’s on a Thursday. I went through three different retail stores and was surprised with the data I collected. I decided to put it in a histogram to get a better visual of it.

air jordan 4 cool grey quick release report

If I assume that each retailer received about 18 pairs ( to be generous) , the sales’s rate reflected by the historiography above are pretty lousy. That means by 12pm today DTLR sold 2 pairs ( 11.11% of its total inventory), Finishline sold one pair ( 5.56% of its allocated inventory) and Champs sold 6 pairs ( 33.33% of its allocated inventory). Those numbers might change this evening but I doubt they will because the online shops’s records are consistent with the physical stores’s numbers, see screenshots below

air jordan 4 cool grey DTLR records
air jordan 4 cool grey DTLR/VILLA online. The shoe is still available in full size run
ordan 4 cool grey 308497-007 finishline online
Finishline online shop, the shoe is still available in all sizes
ordan 4 cool grey 308497-007 champs online shop
Champs online shop- available in all sizes except 12.5

I want you to pay attention to something very interesting here, the screenshot below is from Nike online shop

Nike online shop

The shoe sold out on in sizes 9-13. Is that surprising to you? What is Nike doing that other retailers aren’t doing? How is the brand able to achieve these numbers while its distributors are barely moving their inventory. I’ve addressed this in a post I wrote a couple of years ago, see link below

The Air Jordan XXXII 32 Proved The Effectiveness Of Nike DTC Push

Now let’s switch gear and check out some of the sneakers I came across during the scouting

Adidas NMD R1 DSTN Black White FV5215
I’m not quite sure what the DSTN stands for but the shoe has an abstract tone to it with Adidas branding covering portions of the midsole the heel . It’s overall black with blue, white and grey highlights , see picture

Adidas NMD R1 DSTN Black White

style#FV5215 , $140 BUY IT NOW -CLICK HERE

Air Jordan 1 Low Gold Toe CQ9447 700

Air Jordan 1 Low Gold Toe



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