Where To Buy The Off White Nike Air Force 1 Mid Collection, Stock Numbers & Resale Value

off white nike air force 1 mid release date and resale
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The Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Mid collection is a celebration of the late Virgin Abloh’s legacy. Abloh was a prolific streetwear designer who was instrumental in the development of the contemporary streetwear scene. The collection features a reinterpretation of the classic Air Force 1 silhouette, which was one of Abloh’s favorite sneakers. The pack will include two distinct colorways of the AF1 Mid as follows. Here’s what Nike had to say about this collection,

Virgil Abloh’s legacy continues with the Air Force 1 Mid. Celebrating 40 years of AF1, he reimagined the legendary silhouette through the futurist lens.
Lightweight, airy mesh with woodgrain pattern brings a utilitarian edge, while the spiked outsole connects directly to the ISPA philosophy of “Improvise. Scavenge. Protect. Adapt.” And as always, Virgil left room for others to be creative—the design pairs traditional laces with a secondary set that loops through Flywire cables. The result: a modernized and experimental reflection on history’s most revered shoe.

If you’re looking to grab any of the pairs, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Mid collection 

Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Mid 'White' DO6290 100 Release Date

  • Price:$185
  • Release Date: 2022-06-23
  • Style Code:DO6290-100
  • Color: White / Clear / White


Nike US, SNS, Footshop, END

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Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Mid 'Black' DO6290 001 release date

  • Price:$185
  • Release Date: 2022-06-23
  • Style Code:DO6290-001
  • Color: Black / Clear / Black


Nike US, SNS, Footshop, END

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Off -White Air Force 1 Mid: Stock Numbers

First, let’s take a look at the stock levels at the moment, see images below

off white af1 mid black stock numbers
off white af1 mid black stock levels-OOS means out of stock
off white af1 mid white stock numbers
off white af1 mid white stock levels- OOS means out of stock

Both pairs were released partially via exclusive Nike SNKRS access a few days ago. 20,040 pairs were released in each colorway, so that will help us in determining how many more will be made available on 6/23/22. As you can see from the images above, sizes 4,4.5,11.5 and 12 will not release anymore for the white pair, and sizes 11.5 only will not be available for the black pair. That’s all I can tell you at the moment. We can however assume that the current numbers ( 20,040 pairs per colorway) represent about 60% of the total inventory. So it is safe to say that we’ll probably see an additional 14,000 pairs release on the 23rd of June. Stay tuned for the updates.

Off- White Air Force 1 Mid: Resale Value

We’ll start with the white pair, we’re only going to be looking at the current earnings per size sold.

off white air force 1 mid white resale value by size

67% of the sales resulted in profit margins between $25 and $60 ( sizes 6,7.5-9,10-11,12 and 13). And the remaining 33% lead to margins from $60 to $80 ( sizes 5.5,7,9.5,11.5 and 15). As we saw in our paragraphs above, some sizes will not release anymore. So those particular sizes will probably not experience any decrease in their current margins. For other sizes, you can expect them to drop by 1% to 5%. You certainly won’t lose any money but don’t expect any astronomical returns with this shoe.  Now let’s check out the black pair.

off white air force 1 mid black resale value by size

Almost 69% of the sales resulted in profits between $1 and $60 while the remaining 11% lead to margins between $60 and $80. Both colorways have pretty much the same scenario. What’s the verdict on both?


Both pairs lead for the most part to margins $60 and under. Current earnings might drop by 1% to 5%. This isn’t a collection that I’ll highly recommend for resellers. But this is relatively good news for buyers as mark ups are between 30% and 40%. This is unusual for Off -Whites.

Off- White Air Force 1 Mid Review + On Foot

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