Where To Buy The Joe Freshgoods New Balance 550 Conversations Amongst Us + Resale Value

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Going sneaker shopping is a highly personal experience. You know the feel of a shoe in your hand, how it bends when you step on it and how it smells after you’ve worn it all day long. For some, the hunt for the perfect sneaker is a religious experience, akin to pilgrimage. New Balance enthusiasts are amongst the most dedicated; there exists an entire culture devoted to sneakers made by this Massachusetts-based company. When Joe Freshgoods unveiled his newest collaboration with NB – the New Balance 550 Conversations Amongst Us – sneakerheads went into overdrive. Limited edition shoes are always cause for excitement, especially when they’re created by one of the streetwear world’s hottest designers. For a chance to grab a pair, refer to the details below

Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 550 'Conversations Amongst Us' BB550BH1 RELEASE DATE

Joe Freshgoods New Balance 550 Conversations Amongst Us Release Information

  • Price: $120
  • Release Date: 2022-04-15
  • Style Code:BB550BH1
  • Color: Sun Glow


New Balance, Footlocker, SNS

You can also buy it now on eBay, CLICK HERE

Resale Value

Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 550 Conversations Amongst Us resale vs time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since April 12,2022. The resale value dropped drastically within a 24 hour span, from $400 to $227 currently. I don’t expect the current sale price to drop any lower than 1% to 5%. Let’s see what the five number summary reveals

Minimum: 170
Quartile Q1: 200
Median: 218.5
Quartile Q3: 250
Maximum: 400

The lowest sale recorded was $170 ( for a size a 9.5) while the highest sale was $400 ( for a size 11). 25% of the shoes sold for values between $170 and $200 ( 2 size 9.5, 3 size 10.5, 2 size 11, single sizes 8,9 and 10). As you can see, the size 11 went from $400 to $200 in about 24 hours. 50% of the shoes sold for prices from $200 to $250 ( 9 size 10, 3 size 9 and 3 size 11). And another 25% sold for prices between $250 and $400 ( 3 size 10, 2 size 13, a size 11 and a 7.5). It’s important to note that many are targeting the size 10, it’s definitely going to sell the quickest.

Set of outliers: {340, 400} corresponding to sizes 7.5 and 11. We can conclude that most pairs will sell for prices from $200 to $300. The overall resale value is $225, leading to a profit margin of +$77.

Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 550 Conversations Amongst Us resale vs size

The sizes with the highest margins are 7.5, 10,10.5,11,12 and 13. But as mentioned earlier, expect these current margins to drop by 10% once the shoe releases. As far the long term investment is concerned, I can easily see this shoe peaking at $400-$500 within the next couple of years. I’ll add an equation for future projections in about ten days from today.


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