Where To Buy The Adidas Yeezy 500 Ash Grey & Resale Value

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The Adidas Yeezy 500 Ash grey is one of the newest additions to the popular Adidas Yeezy line. The futuristic silhouette and ash grey colorway are both on-trend and stylish, making this sneaker a wardrobe essential. The mesh uppers are durable and breathable, while the suede overlays provide extra protection and support. The rubber outsoles ensure a smooth, cushioned ride with every step. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Adidas Yeezy 500 Ash Grey Release Information

  • Price:$200
  • Release Date: 2021-12-04
  • Style Code:GX3607
  • Color: Ash Grey / Ash Grey / Ash Grey

Where To Buy

US Retailers: Adidas, Footlocker, Bodega, Yeezysupply,

International Retailers: BSTN, SNS,END, Footshop, Asphatgold, Footpatrol

Third Party Marketplaces

The shoe is also available on eBay right now between $240 and $300 depending on the size, CLICK HERE

It is also up for purchase on StockX, prices there vary from $186 to $400, CLICK HERE

Now let’s analyze how the shoe is doing on the resale market.

Resale Value

adidas yeezy 500 ash grey resale value vs time

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the average sale price per day since November the 14th. The price has been slowly decreasing and I found an equation that best fits the data.

Resale=-$3.92 (t)+ $318. Since the shoe is releasing on December the 4th, you can expect the resale to be right around $240.

There will eventually be a model breakdown at some point but I don’t see the shoe reselling for more than $220. I also calculated the five number summary and came up with the following numbers.

Minimum: 200
Quartile Q1: 265
Median: 276
Quartile Q3: 299
Maximum: 400

There were outliers, $200 and $400 so those prices are very unlikely and affected the average price. The average sale price was about $277 but that was because outliers were included. 50% of the shoes sold for prices between $265 and $299. But as we see in the chart above, December 2nd’s average sale price is $248.  To help you decide what sizes to aim for in case you’re looking to resell these shoes, I’ve also provided a chart with sizes with the best margins.

adidas yeezy 500 ash grey resale value by size



Yeezy 500 Ash Grey On Feet

Here is a quick look at the shoes courtesy of John Alexander on Youtube


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