The Women’s Nike Dunk High Vintage Black Is A Must Have + Resale Value

Women's Nike Dunk High Vintage Black white release date and resale
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The Women’s Nike Dunk High Vintage Black and White is a must-have for anyone who appreciates quality footwear. This pair features aged details and premium materials that give it a vintage look that is perfect for the street. The clean black and white color scheme with heritage color-blocking makes this pair an instant classic. Additionally, the shoe is extremely versatile, super comfortable, thanks to the cushioned insole and padded collar; it can be worn with jeans or shorts, and it goes great with both casual and dressy looks. For an opportunity to score a pair, refer to the purchase details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk High Vintage Black

  • Price:$125
  • Release Date: 2022-04-07
  • Style Code:DQ8581-100
  • Color: White / Black


Nike US, Sneakersnstuff

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Stock Numbers

Women's Nike Dunk high vintage black white stock numbers

The image above shows you the stock levels from Nike; we don’t have the actual numbers just yet, but we do know that they are relatively high. The brand has released a substantial amount of the Dunk High Panda in recent months, so we’ll use that data to create the possible number of pairs produced per size.

Size 5w ( 520 pairs), size 5.5w ( 660) , size 6w ( 1490), size 6.5w( 1800), size 7w ( 2800), size 7.5w ( 2400), size 8w( 2850), size 8.5w( 2300) size 9w (1800), size 9.5w( 1160), size 10w ( 1130), size 10.5 ( 400), size 11 ( 440), size 11.5 ( 140), size 12 (200).

Total projected= 20,090 pairs, let say 25,000 pairs ( I’m being very conservative).

Since SNS is also allocated an inventory, we can assume that the total produced will be somewhere between 25,000 pairs and 50,000 pairs. I’ll adjust the numbers by April 7,2022.

Dunk High Vintage Resale Value

Women's Nike Dunk high vintage black white resale vs time

Overall the trend is positive with some very interesting pattern breaking points occurring on March 1, March 9, March 17, 21st and 23rd. We can suspect these changes to the sizes purchased on those specific days. The current resale value is $234 and I don’t see it declining significantly when the shoe releases officially  ( maybe by 1% to 10%). Let’s see what the five number summary reveals

Minimum: 141
Quartile Q1: 210
Median: 223
Quartile Q3: 288
Maximum: 498

The lowest sale recorded was $141 ( on a size 7.5) and occurred on March 17, that explains the reason why the average sale price was $167 that day. The highest sale recorded was $498 ( on a size 11.5w), and occurred on February 28,2022. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $150 to $210 ( mostly sizes 5.5w, 6w,6.5w, 7w and 7.5w) . 50% sold for prices between $210 and $288, and another 25% sold for prices from $289 to $498 ( mostly sizes 9.5w,10w,10.5w, 11w,11.5w and 12w). Three outliers were recorded : {425, 425, 498} corresponding to sizes 11.5w,12w and 11.5w respectively. The overall resale value without the outliers is $243, leading to a profit margin of +$94, that’s pretty good.

Women's Nike Dunk high vintage black white resale vs size

As it is with any shoe, the current margins might drop by 1% t0 10% when the shoe releases officially. Then they’ll return to this initial state within a month, and eventually begin to rise. Larger sizes are certainly going to lead to homeruns. It’s a great short term investment shoe and even greater long term investment option. The equation below will give you an idea about future projections

Resale= $0.49 (t) + $215, t is the time elapsed since May 15, 2022.

By October 15,2022, you can expect the average sale price to bump up to $304 based on the model created.  I expect it to reach its peak at $600-. You definitely want to keep an eye on it.

Nike Dunk High Vintage Black Review + On Foot

Video courtesy of JXT.GLOBAL via Youtube


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