Air Jordan 12 Black Game Royal|How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Market Value?

Air Jordan 12 Black Game Royal How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Market Value

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The Air Jordan 12 Black Game Royal is the object of my focus this morning. My natural instincts tell me that Nike might’ve produced close to 300,000 pairs of even more. Every major and minor retailer will have the shoe on September the 21st, which is the official release date. So we can look forward to a massive infestation of this colorway in all shopping malls nationwide. I like to back up my claims with tangible evidence so we’ll lean on Footlocker, Champs and Footaction’s data to project our numbers. First let’s quickly take a look at their respective release map to get an idea of what we can expect on Saturday.

air jordan 12 black game royal footlocker release map
Footlocker- I counted about 895 stores and each one of them is going to carry the Air Jordan 12 Black game royal ( procedure: first come, first served)
air jordan 12 black game royal footaction release map
Footaction-The number of stores allocated is 262 ( first come first served)
air jordan 12 black game royal champs release map
Champs– 539 stores confirmed ( first come, first served)

All three members of the Footlocker’s family are operating on the first come, first served basis. I also was very diligent in gathering data about the number of stores from each entity  allocated an inventory, and I can confidently say that every FTL, FTA and Champs location in the USA will have the shoe on shelves comes Saturday. With that said, I’m going to set up my customary assumptions and run my numbers


Footlocker & derivatives ( FTA, Champs) receive about 1/4 of the inventory

.Each physical FTL receives 36 pairs, FTA and Champs probably 24 pairs

.And their online counterparts ( Eastbay included) will receive about a quarter of the inventory the physical locations will be allocated.

.We’ll also assume that each FTL store will receive about 18 pairs and assign 12 pairs for each FTA and Champs store.

  • North America has 895  active Footlocker stores, 539 Champs stores and 262 Footaction stores and those are the ones that will be considered.

Physical Stores: Footlocker ( 859 x 18) + Champs ( 539 x 12) + Footaction (262 x 12)=25722

Online locations: A quarter  of the total number 25722/4=6431 ( rounded off)

let’s not forget give Eastbay a 1/4 of the total from the FTL,FTA, Champs online combined

Eastbay= 6431/4=1608 ( rounded off)

So the Total from Footlocker and derivatives =25722+  6431+1608=33760.6 let’s round it off to 34000

And now the Grand total for North America  based on our earlier assumptions is: 35000 x4=140,000

WORLDWIDE= 140,000 X 2=280,000 PAIRS

PS: Take all these numbers with a grain of salt, they are meant to give you a rough estimate , I don’t have access to no retailers’s information ( I lean solely on assumptions I created myself).


Now let’s see how the shoe is faring on third party marketplaces. I’ll use data from Kixify, eBay and StockX. We’ll start with eBay:

air jordan 12 black game royal ebay average price

6 pairs sold within the the $230-$239.99 price range, 8 sold within the $240-$249.99 range, another 8 sold within the $270-$279.99 range and one pair sold within the $280-$289.99. The highest sale recorded on eBay is $289.99 and the lowest the shoe sold for was $239.99. The average sale price on eBay based on the records above is $5954.77/23= $258.9 basically $259.99. I calculated the five number summary to get a clearer picture of the reasonable market value of the shoe, the results are below

Stales data:
{239.9, 239.9, 239.9, 239, 9, 249.9, 249.9, 249.9, 249.9, 249.9, 249.9, 249.9, 249.9, 274.9, 274.9, 274.9, 279.9, 279.9, 279.9, 279.9, 279.9, 289.9}

Minimum: 239.9
Quartile Q1: 249.9
Median: 249.9
Quartile Q3: 279.9
Maximum: 289.9

All this means is that the shoe is most likely to have an average value that will not exceed $279.99 or go below $249.99. So $258.9 ( $259 ) is a probably the most accurate average value of the shoe on eBay.

Kixify only recorded 12 sales , refer to histogram below

air jordan 12 black game royal KIXIFY Average price

The average sale price on kixify is about $274.075 but you’re most likely to sell the shoe within the $260-$269.99 price range ( most sales occurred within that interval).

StockX’s average sale price can be seen in the screenshot below

air jordan 12 black game royal stockx average price

Now let’s put all these averages in one histogram, see image below

ebay vs kixify vs stockx average

The air Jordan 12 Game Royal sold the highest via Kixify ( but only 12 pairs were sold on the platform). StockX has the lowest average at $249.99 with the highest number of sales recorded. The quickest platform to sell this shoe is via StockX. I wrote several posts giving my arguments for it, see this post below, I explained a lot there

Housakicks Traffic, Most Viewed Links, Posts & The Implications

The average sale value of the shoe is about $249 and its retail price is $190 before tax and $201.5 after tax. If you were to sell this shoe on StockX ( I’m assuming most people will head choose StockX since it has the fastest turnaround), your total payout will be about $221.61, and at this price your profit is about $20.11. Now if you’re instantly selling a minimum of 5 pairs,  I’ll say go for it. This is really a decision that the reseller is going to have to make on his/her own.

I’ m suspecting that retailers will have a relatively good week end based on the findings above.

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