How Much Should You Pay For The Yeezy 350 2.0 V2 Beluga Per Size Today

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The Adidas Yeezy 350 2.0 v2 Beluga was restocked via Adidas yesterday and send everyone into as frenzy. This is by far the only Yeezy sneaker that has been produced in massive numbers, and I suspected hat when I was able to scoop up two pairs myself. This is going to send a lot resellers soul searching especially for those who have invested all their capital into it. It’s simple mathematics , supply and demand and with these Beluga’s being produced in gigantic numbers, the resale price is surely going to plummet. But there are still a fair amount of gullible consumers who will pay a ridiculous price just because it’s a pair of Yeezy; before you make s silly decision be sure to check out the chart below which will give you an estimate of how much the Beluga is going for now per size.

Prices were obtained by averaging the latest 5 items sold . It was done thoroughly for every single size

These prices will probably drop within a week I believe; the chart clearly shows that sizes 6.5 and 13’s are the ones that are selling the highest. The size 8 is the one selling the lowest at this point and the mid sizes I believe will drop very soon. I apologize for the blurriness of the chart , that’s the best I could do. I did not take into consideration prices displayed on StockX because I can’t verify their data ( I’m not sure if the data is being tampered with ). Everything you see on this chart is a reflection of the completed listings on eBay as of December the 1st.  Based on this I believe by next week I predict a price drop especially with the impending release of the Jordan 11 win like 96. Most sellers are probablt going to unload the Yeezy Beluga they are stuck with to create some more investment capital. So I suggest you be patient and you’ll eventually be able to afford a pair at a decent price.

There you have it folks, stay tuned for further updates on this.

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