Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Patrick Star Quick Release Report & Observations

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I had to go to my local footlocker this morning to pick up a pair of the Vans Old Skool OTW Juxtapoze and ended up doing a quick release report on the Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob pack.

While I was in the store, a middle aged Caucasian man picked up two pairs of the Kyrie 5 Spongebob in preschool sizes. Immediately after he left the store, another couple walked in (interestingly the man was wearing a sponge bob shirt ) looking for  a Grade School size 7, but it was no longer available;they proceeded to ask for potential locations that might have it and then departed the store to drive about 30+ miles away in search for that specific size.
This led me to put my detective hat on to gather a bit of intel. I asked the sales’s associate how many pairs had been sold thus far and to my surprise almost half of the inventory was almost gone- and it was only 10:15 am. That leads me to believe that the shoe will not last on shelves. Another recurring thing that occur  while I was in the store was the phone ringing consistently; and most of the calls the store received were from customers inquiring on men’s sizes of the shoes.
Here is what I learned from this whole event this morning. I don’t care much for Spongebob and I have never watched a single episode of the show so I didn’t think the shoe was going to be on many folks’s radar. This is just a small example to show you how the lack of knowledge can really hurt a brand; it’s imperative that brands hire a diverse team individuals that are really connected with the different target markets they want to reach. That’s why the edit to amplify is so important. I go into a bit more details about this issue in the video below , be sure to watch it in its entirety
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