What Makes The Monarch IV The Ultimate Middle Aged Dad Shoes

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Did You know that these Nike Air Monarch IV were ranked as the 6th top selling sneakers in the summer of 2014; are you surprised? I was too. I have seen a great number of individuals , especially in the Caucasian community, sitting at Starbucks with a fresh or beat up pair of these monarchs on their feet. I have always been curious to know why they were so popular amid this segment of the population; from a look standpoint ,there is nothing to be desired in these shoes – let’s be quite frank: they are bulky,unappealing, basically hideous. Hence the reason for their popularity either has to do with functionality or price. As I get older, I find myself looking for shoes that offer more than just a good look; my primary focus nowadays is functionality and comfort. I was interested in buying one of these Nike Air Monarch IV, but prior to making my purchase, I was looking for honest reviews from” average joes” that have been rocking them for quite some time. I was fortunate enough to find a gentleman from my local  church, Nick Chopas ( Here is in his early 50’s); here is what he had to say:

I have purchased at least 5 pairs of Monarchs over the years.  I use the black / black for work and white blue for sports.  For work the black ones are presentable with casual clothes but if need be they can double as an athletic shoe for any sport.  The shoes are very comfortable which I think is due to the thick padding around the ankles and heel.  At heel the sole has some give to them to provide shock absorption.  They seem to run a little wide compared to other shoes.  They break in within a day or two of normal wear.

My favorite thing about them is the utility of being able to use them in any physical activity without the hesitation you may have with dress shoes.  Generally, the first thing that wears out is the outside heels.  This is not due to the limitation of the shoe but my gait.  The tops last until the end of their useful life.  At that point they become my yard work shoes for at least a season.

Thank you, Nick”

i have also gathered verbal testimonials from several other individuals, and they all agree that these monarch IV have delivered comfort, incredible cushioning and durability over the years they have used them. Here is a breakdown of the shoes’ main features:


  • Leather overlays for durability and support
  • Full-length Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Multi-pattern, durable rubber outsole for enhanced traction on a variety of surfaces


The Nike Air Monarch IV Training Shoe is the ultimate in comfort with a soft fabric lining for reduced irritation. A mesh tongue and perforations in the midfoot and forefoot enhance breathability and keep the air flowing when things heat up. And, the outsole wraps up the toe for protection and durability.


The Nike Air Monarch IV features full-length Nike Air for softer landings during hardcore training sessions and intense drills. A Pylon midsole offers lightweight, plush cushioning.


This men’s training shoe is equipped with a tough rubber outsole and multiple traction patterns to adapt to your changing needs. From a pivot circle at the forefoot to aggressive tread in the heel, this shoe helps keep your foot grounded on multiple surfaces including grass, dirt and hardwood.


  • Stability feature at the outsole helps keep the foot from rolling during side-to-side movements
  • Pull-tab on the heel for easy on and off
  • Flex grooves for forefoot flexibility




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