Air Jordan 5 SE Michigan| How Many Pairs Made| Market Value?

Air Jordan 5 SE Michigan How Many Pairs Made Market Value CQ9541 704

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I thought the Air Jordan 5 SE Michigan wasn’t going to release till the end of August. I guess Nike has other things planned for Back To School time. Instagramer Hanzuying claimed that only 64,000 pairs were made and my job this morning is to verify his statement. I took a count of the stockists( major and minor retailers) that were given an inventory and came up with the list below,

Major Retailers: Nike and the only Footlocker’s family member getting the shoe is Footaction, – available in stores and online

Minor Retailers: DTLRShoe city. Eblens( in stores only), City Gear, ( in stores and online for the rest of the stockists)

Let’s also take a look at Footaction’s release map to give us an idea on the possible number of physical stores allocated an inventory

air jordan 5 se michigan CQ9541-704 footaction release map

Based on the map above, I counted about 181( let’s say 200) physical stores; usually when I compute my numbers, I build my case based on Footlocker’s numbers. But it’s a bit tricky today since only Footaction is the only member of FTL’s family getting the shoe. So I decided to do away with the ratio this time and just computer my numbers based on the confirmed retailer’s physical stores.

DTLR has about 110 physical stores and I’m assuming that each location is getting the shoe. Shoe City has about 39 stores, City gear has an average of 130 stores, Eblens has 38 stores and Nike has a total of 392 stores operating in the USA. Since DTLR and Ruvilla merged together, I must include Ruvilla in the mix and I believe that is an additional 120 stores. We still need to consider a few other things before we compute our numbers,

-Let’s assume that each physical store is receiving an average of 36 pairs

-Let’s also assume that each retailer’s online store ( Eblens excluded) will receive 1/3 of the inventory the physical stores are getting

Hence DTLR/Ruvilla ( physical stores)= 230 x36=8280 and online 8280/3=2760

Shoe City ( physical stores)= 39 x 36= 1404 and online= 1404/3=468

City Gear( physical stores)= 130 x 36=4680 and online =4680/3=1560

Footaction ( physical stores)=200 x 36=7200 and online =7200/3=2400

Eblens=38 x36=1368 None online

Nike ( physical stores)=392 x36=14112 and online 14112/3=4704

Now let’s find the Total:

Physical Stores (8280 + 1404+4680+7200+1368+14112) + Online(2760+468+1560+2400+4704)= 48936 let say 50,000 pairs ( I’m off by 14,000 pairs but I will stick with my numbers, maybe I didn’t include all the stockists)


I usually lean on eBay’s data but so far only 3 sales were recorded in the order below

$324.99 ( size 9.5)( July 2nd), $369.99( size 9.5) ( June 28th), $399.99 ( July 3rd)

It’s only three sales so we cannot make any strong inferences based on this data. All I can point out is that the shoe has gained in value as time progressed. But again the sample size is too small so let’s not rely on this just yet.

air jordan 5 se michigan CQ9541-704 market value stockx

StockX recorded about 217 sales at an average price of $354 for a 44.4% mark up. That’s not bad at all since the shoe costs about $225 before tax; so if you’re interested in purchasing the shoe for resale purposes , i’ll say go for it.

Retailers will not sit on this model, again it’s all about supply and demand, the less pairs available, the more the enticement and consequently the better the sales.


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