What To Expect From The Knicks Offense This Season

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The knicks offense was a laughingstock last season , not because the triangle offense was outdated but because the talent on the team was mediocre. You had aging players like Jose Calderon, who pretty much couldn’t stop any PG in the league; teams went to MSG to d rack up buckets. The knicks became unwatchable; but we got a glimpse of what that team could become with the right personnel. Porzingis although booed on Draft night, exceeded everyone’s expectation- he is a bonafide superstar in the making with amazing basketball skills- he can post up, he can shoot , he can dribble, he is a very active and mobile  big man that can also play solid defense.


Many moves were made prior to the end of the season i.e. the  firing of Derek fisher; furthermore during the off season Phil Jackson and the knicks organization made great acquisitions-Noah, Derrick Rose, and Courtney lee being the most notable pick ups . But without a good coach, a team cannot properly function,  hence Phil made another great move in hiring coach Hornacek for the head coach position. He is a no ” nonsense” type of coach with a solid resume who can effectively run a team.

The most important question still remains? what will the knicks offense be like this season?

Well, look no further, coach Nick from BballBreakdown just posted a video with a preview of  what the knicks  will be running this season, enjoy.

tayib salami
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6 years ago

Wow, you didn’t lowkey hate on the Knicks!!!! I’m proud of you. LOL

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