This DJ Khaled We The Best Air Jordan 5 Collection Is Frivolous

DJ Khaled We The Best Air Jordan 5 Collection
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As if the release of the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” wasn’t enough, sneakerheads went into a frenzy when DJ Khaled announced his upcoming collaboration with Jordan Brand. The collection features four sneakers probably inspired by some of  Khaled’s biggest hits: “We Takin’ Over,” “I’m On One,” “Put It In The Air” and “All I Do Is Win.” With colors and designs that are over-the-top and flashy reminiscent of his hometown ( Miami), these sneakers are definitely are going to sell out instantly. While there’s no doubt that the “We The Best Air Jordan 5” Collection will be a must-have for most collectors, I believe that this pack screams frivolity, and I’ll explain why. First watch the video below

DJ Khaled We The Best Air Jordan 5 Official Video


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It is truly a mystery why DJ Khaled would think that there is any connection between himself and Michael Jordan in terms of basketball. For one thing, Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, while Khaled is best known for his work as a music producer. Additionally, Jordan was known for his exceptional work ethic and competitive drive, while Khaled is more famous for his catchphrases and outrageous persona. But perhaps the most glaring difference between the two men is their level of skill on the basketball court. While both Jordan and Khaled are successful in their respective fields, there is no real connection between them. The video that Khaled shared shows Jordan cooking on the court, and then it moves to Khaled’s garbage crossover. It is clear that the man cannot play for many reasons. Now, before you go ahead and crucify me, I’d like you to consider this. SCRUBS is the term given to a group of people I’m a part of. I’m not condemning DJ Khaled for being an awful Hooper  in any way. But there was no need to go from Michael Jordan dazzling on the floor to DJ Khaled dribbling the ball like a dummy. He’s overweight (and should lose weight for the appropriate reasons), can’t actually dribble the ball, and then has the audacity to show himself dunking the ball in the video. That was a disgrace.

In the “I Wanna Be Like Mike” commercial, the connection between MJ and the young boy is evident. He is  in awe of Jordan and his achievements on the basketball court. He wishes to be like him when he  grows up. While the commercial is clearly trying to sell Nike sneakers, the connection between Jordan and the boy feels genuine. The boy’s admiration for Jordan is palpable, and it’s easy to see why he would want to emulate him. In a way, the commercial captures the magic of Michael Jordan – his ability to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. That was not my impression after watching the DJ Khaled video. Maybe it’s because I despise DJ Khaled and his antics, but all I saw was a money-making scheme. Because I believe he is partly to blame for the demise of authentic hip hop, I am turned off whenever I see him. When it comes to sneakers, the backstories are  just as important as the shoes themselves. For collectors, part of the appeal is in the history  of a particular pair of sneakers. In recent years, however, Nike has been releasing new shoes at an exponential rate, with little regard for the backstories of their products. As a result, buyers are left with a rotation of shoes that they never have a chance to truly enjoy. This breakneck pace of production is not sustainable, and it ultimately devalues the product and dilutes the importance of backstories. And the results are right before our eyes. This is why I think the DJ Khaled We The Best Air Jordan 5 Collection is as frivolous as it gets.

While I believe the pack’s background is frivolous, I can’t dispute that the colorways are appealing to the eye. So Nike got one thing right: the colors are fantastic, but they chose the wrong guy. The Jordan 5’s are unique to Hoopers, and I’d love to see a collaboration with Grizzlies guard Ja Morant.


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