Rudy Rack? Enter The World Of A True MC

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Who is Rudy Rack? Very often , I enjoy writing about people that made and continue to impact my life but to day i chose to make an exception and let this brilliant gentleman introduce himself .

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“Hi, I’m an artist and I go by the name of Rudy Rack. I’ve been writing and recording songs ever since I was 15 years old. I was born in Rockville, MD and raised in Silver Spring, MD. At the age of 20, I moved to Queens, NY to attend St. John’s University, which has changed my life forever. My musical content is heavily influenced by spirituality, oppression, injustice, family, and life’s daily struggles that a lot of people can relate to. At 22 years of age now, I have found myself, as a man of GOD, and it has strengthened my artistry in the process. I have developed a passion for education, and hope to teach one day in fields involving theology, social justice and criminal justice. I want to live as an example, that being a son of GOD is what’s cool, not living in and glamorizing destruction. I want the youth to know that it is okay to not be criminal minded and glamorize the activities, as if it is glorious. There are alternatives that lead to a brighter path in life. I know that Jesus is the light, and I hope I can bring the word of GOD to dark places and help uplift people. I want those who listen to my music to get a sense of the importance of highlighting truth, seeking righteousness and having empathy. In addition, to everyone who is reading this and will listen to my music, know this; You have the right to change for the better at any moment in your life. Do not let people’s opinions constrain you and also,  get rid of  your fear of rejection. Seek GOD, truth, justice, knowledge, and love always.”

You can find more of his material on the following Link Rudy Rack Life

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