My Most Meaningful Customs

Custom puma blaze of glory NL brown
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These sneakers are my most meaningful customs yet and here’s why:

Collins had a collection of shoes that he would give to others in need out of the kindness of his heart. He did not have much growing up in Nigeria, so he always did his best to help those around him. In 2021, he died of cancer and left behind his collection of shoes. I was asked to create a memorial artwork on one of these sneakers.

The scenic beauty of the Nigerian land, luscious plants, calm sunsets, and colorful clothing were my inspiration for these customs.

These sneakers are on their way to Nigeria for the celebration of the grand opening of a new sickle cell clinic. It was constructed during the pandemic to treat more patients.

I’m so thankful that my artwork, created in his honor, will be worn by someone at the new clinic in Nigeria.

Before and after of the custom Puma Blaze of Glory NL ‘Brown’

The paint palette used to make this artwork.

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