The Nike Air More Uptempo What The 90’s Would’ve Been Great For The Fall

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I was in my local mall a few days ago and came across a new pair of uptempos that definitely caught my attention. You guys know my disdain with Nike for adulterating one of the best shoes of the Bulls era. I wrote several posts about it, see link below

Nike Managed To Ruin The Nike Air More Uptempo

I found out the shoes were called the Nike Air More Uptempo “What The 90’s” but there is nothing about them that reminds me or make me nostalgic about the golden era. Brands have to realize that timing is everything when it comes to certain sneakers; let me reiterate what I said in the title of the post- the shoes only made me think about the Fall season and Nike should’ve saved them for that time. The colorway is not reminiscent of the 90’s at all but rather consistent with Fall colors. Nike could’ve gotten away with this color for Halloween; at least the brand did something smart and made the sneaker only available in  kids sizes. So what does that say ? Nike understands that the uptempo is somewhat of a conservative shoe packed with a lot of history and consequently shouldn’t be subject to this free-spirited concept that is so rampant now.

Because of the myriad of shoes that Nike is dropping, the Nike Air More Uptempo What The 90’s made little to no noise at all. Had I not gone to the mall, I wouldn’t have even known that such a shoe was available, and that’s terrible for retail sales. Like I said timing is everything and this shoe should’ve been saved for Halloween. I managed to take a couple of pictures for your convenience, see images below

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