8/5 Scouting Report Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Fila, Vans-Observations

Scouting Report Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Fila, Vans

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a rigorous schedule, I actually think to be more productive one has to have a well organized plan; but what I’ve realized is that my best scouting days are the unplanned ones. On Monday August the 5th, I was led to the footlocker that’s about 15 mn from my house ( 15 mn drive of course ).

Here is a quick recap of what I observed. Footlocker has always excelled at putting their latest items on display via windows or the display case at the entrance of the store, and sure enough the Air Jordan 4 cool grey was highlighted. The front /left side of the store featured a series of Nike running / lifestyle shoes and most of them were on sale. The same side was followed by the Jordan retro wall ( that also featured a few sale items ). The back wall was loaded with Vans, Filas and women’s Nike performance shoes. The front/ right side of the store had all the kids’s sneakers in a specific order – Nike running / basketball/ Jordan brand / Adidas / vans and other brands.  The men’s Adidas was placed not too far from the counter and I wonder why ?  I will not be giving out reasons why Footlocker created this specific layout but one thing I know is that most people that walk in a retail store  are one track minded( they know exactly what they want ). It’s the store’s duty to create a unique experience and Footlocker has somewhat underachieved in that department.

The good news in the midst of all this retail disaster is this -it’s the best time to be a consumer/collector . The selection of sneakers available is incredible and prices are very affordable  unless one is looking for very limited items( but the average consumer isn’t). So overall there are tons of items on sale and my shopping proxy service was specifically created to help you get access to items that can’t be fetched online. Footlocker has done a poor job with its online shop as it is extremely hard to find certain shoes on their platform based on name and style #.

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