Fake Custom Adidas NMD, Yeezy & Ultra Boost: When Bootleggers Outdo The Brands

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I struggled to find the appropriate title for this quick post; it stemmed from me working on my next Real vs fake comparison. I took the time to check out one of the replica sites and was pretty much amazed at the amount of effort these guys put in creating these prototypes. And to be honest, the fake custom adidas, nmd, yeezy & ultra boost I saw were actually unique. The majority of people will be contemptuous toward these shoes because they are replicas. Ironically, those same people will actually praise the same shoes were they made by Adidas and their collaborators. When you ask people why they bought a certain pair of shoes, most will tell you: ” oh they look great, they are dope, they are sick,”; but go a little deeper in the conversation and you’ll find out they bought the shoes because:

they bought into the hype or they are reselling it

Seldom will you find people who simply just bought the shoes because they were really interested in it. Who cares anyway? All I’m saying is that as humans we are motivated by the sense of wanting to be accepted, and consequently we buy and pile things just for the sake of fitting with the masses. The replica factories know that they  can’t sell these fake customs without a brand name behind it; think about it: would you buy a pair of custom Jordan Retro with no JB logos on it? Absolutely not. So the bootleggers prey on that and feed people exactly what they want. Anyway, check out the fake custom adidas, nmd, yeezy & ultra boost I came across and leave me your feedback.


tayib salami