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Two weeks ago a few pictures of the Under Armour UA Curry 3 emerged; my initial reaction was negative until i came across a burgundy/maroon colorway. Shoes tend to look better in certain colors and this maroon Curry 3 definitely looks appealing to the eye.



The UA curry 3 maroon features an overall mesh makeup to go along with a new carbon fiber heel shank for additional support. Steph’s own logo “SC” will occupy the heel area in large bold prints and I believe UA will keep their classic charged cushioning on the midsole.

under-armour-curry-3-maroon-1 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-2 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-3 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-4 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-5 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-6 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-7 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-8 under-armour-curry-3-maroon-9

Official release dates have not been confirmed yet but stay tuned for any updates, see pictures below and let me know what your thoughts are on these shoes.

The curry 1’s are still my favorites in the entire collection; the curry 2’s were pretty averages and both editions were undoubtedly great for “on court performance”. I specifically picked out some of the best models for you guys, see listings below


tayib salami
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6 years ago

That toebox is horrible. This is a moment where the brand should have gone retro with a traditional leather overlay on the toebox instead of this hyperfuse styled garbage. It makes the toe look cheesy and ruins the possible off court wear of the shoe which would actually help UA cross over better. The heel counter is dope and the sppedform material on the medial side is great, but that toebox should have a suede overlay where that fused material runs from the toebox to the side of the shoe.

Tayib Salami
6 years ago
Reply to  archceo

loll, killa .. there might be reason why they used the fuse material on the shoes, probability sturdiness and breathability was the purpose of it.. lol who knows, i like this colorway

6 years ago
Reply to  Tayib Salami

The shoe itself is made to be breathable, but at some point you have to consider the crossover appeal of a shoe and make it look good aesthetically. The NMD and Flyknit Racer have completely dominated the season and as we move into the winter Timbs and Duckboots will dominate. Basketball shoes still sell in the fall and winter and adding a layer of suede provides toughness, makes it sturdy but also adds casual style. You are right though it’s a nice colorway. Same as this years Black History Month.

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