Is Under Armour Creating Its Own UA Yeezy 350 Sneaker?

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The adidas Yeezy collection has certainly disrupted the sneaker market; every Yeezy sneaker that has dropped so far has sold out instantly. Hence Adidas competitors are watching this and also want a piece of the cake. Nike has tried to create some shoes that were totally inspired by the original Nike Air Yeezy 1 &2 ( i.e. Nike dunk comfort, Nike Victor Cruzand more), but the shoes received a lukewarm response. Many other smaller brands have literally produced shoes with the same silhouette as the Adidas Yeezy sneakers and failed miserably; they shoes were actually the object of internet jokes.

 steve madden morlee shoes-yeezy prototype

I was doing my routine sneaker search a few days ago and came across an Under Armour shoe that undoubtedly was a yeezy prototype; my initial reaction was: ” c’mon son, not under armour, are you kidding..” I decided to give the shoe the nickname “UA Yeezy 350 Sneaker” , which is pretty ironic because sneakerheads use the term UA for unauthorized fake sneakers; it fits well in this case because UA also stands for Under Armour. My question is why would a growing and prospering company like Under Armour do this? I guess they are trying to capture the “lifestyle sneakers” target market which is a good idea, but creating a yeezy prototype is a ” BAD” move. When I hear the word Under Armour, images that come to mind are Steph Curry, compression shirts, working out, etc..So my suggestion to the company will be : STAY IN YOUR FREAKING LANE. You already have your niche and it is working for you, don’t try to do too much. Moreover, creating a shoe like this UA Yeezy 350 sneaker shows a lack of creativity and that leaves a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth. I was very disappointed when I saw the pictures of the shoes; well maybe Under Armour knows something I don’t, and perhaps the shoes will sell well, who knows? What are your opinions about these shoes? Yes, No or Meh?

ua-yeezy-350-sneaker-4 ua-yeezy-350-sneaker-yeezy-adidas-shoes ua-yeezy-350-sneaker ua-yeezy-350-sneaker5

ua-yeezy-350-sneaker-yeezy-sneakers-1 ua-yeezy-350-sneaker-yeezy-sneakers


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