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Photoshop Off White Nike Air More Uptempo, Now A Reality Courtesy Bootleggers

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A Photoshop version of the off white Nike Air More Uptempo sent everyone into a frenzy a couple of weeks ago. During my routine scouting I️ came across a taobao seller who actually made this dream a reality. But as you all know the shoes are not legitimate yet I’m amazed at the speed at which these were manufactured. It seems like the replica industry has infiltrated every sneaker community there is on planet earth. How else could they have come up with this prototype this quick?
What surprises me is the material they use on these replicas. The shoes look darn good and could easily deceive anyone especially if they had actually been released by Nike. My question to you guys is this: would you violate your conscience and ethics if  you could get these shoes made for yourself with OEM materials? We are at the point where the untrained eye can’t distinguish a fake from a real anymore. I shared a post last week but the 98.9%ers, a new breed of fakes as the name indicates is 98.9% close to its authentic counterpart. Check the post below for further details

Fake Sneakers Have Now Graduated, Here Come The 98.9%ers

Check out  pictures of the Fake Off White Nike Air More Uptempo I gathered ( I want to make sure you guys know they are fake, not trying to confuse anyone).

They literally just created them mimicking the photoshop picture
The heel counter looks off , which tells me this was rushed into production
And normally the upper part of the uptempo’s is built with premium leather, the material on this pair looks like a composite leather material
They even added multicolore laces and a special box.. how bold lol
And they even had the audacity toinlcude this shoe in the TEN collection. obviously they didn;t understand what the TEN meant or maybe they are just clowning Nike And virgin Abloh.


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