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Should You Buy To Flip? adidas Originals – EQT Support 93/17 | White Pixelated Noise

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Originals – EQT Support 93/17

adidas continues to drop kicks that are right on trend and right on time. The previous EQT 93/17 actually popped after the initial release. The 180 dollar shoe rose to about 299 and then tapered off. It remains at that price point which isn’t a big return on your dollar but it is solid. This new release I think will fare better because it is more white and as we transition into the spring this color will perform slightly better.

*** I’ve been neglecting to say that I’m writing these for those people who don’t have a hookup or discount. On almost any Jordan Brand release if you get a discount you can flip it for a profit.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

*** New addition to the rating system: Tier 1: 0-25% = +1    Tier 2: 26-55% = +2     Tier 3: 56% and up is +3

First check: I don’t expect the Flight Club check to develop because unlike Nike, adidas doesn’t hit the market early very often. This drop is coming on the 23rd and I think it will be a few days before the release when FC gets the shoe. Right now however they do have the Black Turbo 93/17 and it is selling at the average price of 275.00

ROI: 180 + tax = 194.00

Add 15.00 for shipping

Total: 209.00

FC Price 275.00 – 209.00 = 66 x 100 = 6600/209 = 31.58% ROI

That’s a Tier 2 return for the FC check on the Black 93/17. This white colorway I expect to perform slightly better.

Rating = +2

Second check: My second check is always on eBay. The eBay Check is always easier to make an estimation. Once again adidas does a solid job of preventing the leak of their shoes. The White Noise EQT is not available so the only info we can look at is the resale price of the black version and the White Mountaineering 93/17:

March 12 – 309.99 Black

March 12 – 209.00 Black

March 10 – 350.00 White Mountaineering (WM)

March 10 – 350.00 WM

March 9 – 383.84 WM

The shoes aren’t exactly flying out of eBay. Also the Black has limited sales. The WM was not a GR so the resale price is inflated when we look at that as our 5 pair average so I can’t really do a guage on how this White Noise EQT will perform. The average price is above FC, but I can’t factor in WM. I think the White Noise will pop at 309.99 which gives us a 100.99 profit x 100=10099/309.99 = 32.58% return.

Total: Tier 2 which means that my eBay Check would be a +2, but the shoe isn’t there. I have to remain consistent at

Rating = +2

Third check: The shoe doesn’t show up on FootLocker and this makes sense. Even the Turbo Pack Black was limited. The 93/17 didn’t drop locally anywhere except at our one sneaker boutique which is really an urban account. Funny thing is the shoes are still available there. I didn’t buy them out, but I can go and check sizing. If you are interested ask me and I will do that for you. The shoe is also not showing up on StockX or GOAT. The third check is not applicable so this rating will be

Rating = N/A

My final ruling: When you remove the third check you are left with a 4/6 which isn’t bad at all. The 93/17 White Noise will be a solid performer in resale so you should definitely pick it up to flip or to collect. It’s a dope shoe and far surpasses the look of anything else releasing around that time.