Air Jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104 | Release Information & Buy It Now

Air Jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104
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The first installment of the  air Jordan 1 zoom that Nike dropped was met with lukewarm responses. I think the shoe looked great and was under appreciated by folks in the sneaker community. The shoe can actually be fetched now  on most secondary market under retail, see eBay

The brand is releasing another model of the zoom 1, the Air Jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue. The shoe features a mixture of leather and woven materials. The toe box, the mid section underlays and overlays and the heel are covered in leather while the collar features a woven component. it comes dressed in a white based upper with racer blue highlights on the inside. A multicolored outsole completes its look.

Jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue Release Information

The shoe will officially release on March the 14 via select retailers. I will be writing a projection on the number of pairs possibly made and the shoe’s resale value, be sure to check the website on March the 10th for that.
I found a great review on youtube concerning this model that I’ll invite you to watch thoroughly, see video below courtesy of  Minor Kicks
You can also buy the Air jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue  now on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below
Air Jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104 sideview
Air Jordan 1 Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104 back view
Racer Blue  1CK6637-104 lateral view
 Racer Blue 1 CK6637-104 outsole
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