Truth For Life E27 | How Are We To Understand Matthew 16:28? Did Jesus Give A False Prophecy?

How Are We To Understand Matthew 16:28? Did Jesus Give A False Prophecy?
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How Are We To Understand Matthew 16:28? There was a comment that was posted on one of my youtube videos a few days ago from a gentleman asking what I thought about Matthew 16:28. This is another verse that has caused a lot of controversies. 

Critics claim that Jesus gave a false prophecy and many theologians have tried to interpret this verse to defend the claims of Christ. There are many views out there and I don’t claim to fully grasp what the Lord was communicating, but one thing I’m convinced of is that the bible is its own interpreter and defender. When I come across difficult passages like this, the best way to have clarity is to look at the passage within its context, understand what the author is emphasizing and hope that the Lord in His grace will grant us understanding to properly interpret the Scripture. So let’s try to see if we can come to some clarity this morning as it pertains to Matthew 16:28.

How to understand Matthew 16:28

Scripture References:

Matthew 16-17

Mark 8-9

Luke 9:22-28

Revelation 1:13-16

Isaiah 6

The presentation’s notes are available in the slideshow below

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