Truth For Life E14 | A Closer Look At Mark 9:14-29, Lord I Believe Help My Unbelief

A closer look at mark 9,14-29 Lord I believe help my unbelief
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As Jesus was coming back from the mountain where 3 of the disciples experienced His Glory, HE realized there was commotion. The rest of disciples were involved in an argument with the scribes and Jesus quickly found out what was taking place. A man with his epileptic son brought the child to the disciples so they could heal him from the demonic influence he was suffering from but they failed. The man then turns to Jesus as his last option and Jesus proceeds to heal the child. But prior to the healing, there is an exchange between the man and Jesus that we’re going to be exploring today. We’ll also find out why the disciples couldn’t drive out the evil spirit out of the child. See video below

Scripture References:

Mark 9:14-29

Matthew 17:19-20

Hebrews 11:6

Romans 10:17

Acts 1:4-8

Mark 6:7, Mark 6:13

Galatians 5:16

The presentation’s notes are available in the slideshow below:



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