Truth For Life E 9:If God Really Exists, Why Can’t We See Him? A Closer Look At Matthew 5:8

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I get this question all the time, what question? People always say to me,” Tayib if God exists how come He behaves just like those little green men in the sky, always dodging and eluding us? “They’re basically saying that the existence of God or even believing in the existence of God is like believing in the existence of Santa Claus. Sometimes I get so furious and say to myself “God why don’t you just show yourself to them today so they can  believe”. As soon as those thoughts crossed my mind, I go back to the most basic undeniable conclusive proof of the existence of God- out of nothing comes out nothing in other words if there was ever a time when there was nothing what could there possibly be now? The main problem with humans is that we truly don’t understand the holiness of God. Asking the question does God exist is actually answering it. Scripture says blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. If we truly understood what this verse meant we would immediately fall on our no knees, repent in dust and ashes and beg God for his mercy. Today I am going to dive into this verse and  after I’m done you will never ask that question again, see video below

Scripture References

Matthew 5:8

Genesis 3:78-10

Numbers 21:1-9

1 John 3:2-3

Hebrews 12:14

John 17:17

The presentation’s notes are available in the slideshow below


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