Truth For Life E 11 | Answering The Muslim Critic Part 2: Is The Bible Corrupted?

Answering the muslim critic part 2, is the bible corrupted

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A few days ago I addressed one of the first objection I received from a Muslim critic who sent me a barrage of questions, assaulting the credibility of the Bible. I told him that I was going to answer his objections one at a time, and today I’m dealing with part 2. Here is what he said

“The Bible & the Torah express originally in Hebrew with Aramaic in some parts. Quran express originally in Arabic. Can translation of the word of God be taken as word of God? Translation is the work of man. The fact that there are so many translations & revised edition of the Bible but Quran only in one language (Arabic). English itself indicate that translations is subject to human errors. Now let us frankly ask ourselves. What is the source Book of our beliefs system? The original word from God or word has been translated, revised numerous times? If the latter is the reality than it is also a reality that translations are opened to flaws. Logical and truthful please. “

Basically he is arguing that since the Bible has been translated so many times in different languages over the course of many years, then it can no longer be trusted as the word of God. So I’ll be addressing this today, see video below

Scripture References:

Isaiah 53

The presentation’s notes are available in the slideshow below

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