Truth For Life E 10: Answering The Muslim Critic Part1: Conflicts In The Genealogy Of Jesus

answering the mustlim critic part 1 , conflicts in the genealogy of Jesus
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I shared a post  via Youtube discussing why as fallen  creatures we can’t see God. And out of nowhere this Muslim guy sent me a barrage of scripted/robotic messages that he learned probably from his superiors, attempting to discredit the word of God. He sent me a bunch of supposedly conflicting passages to prove his case. I told him that I was going to answer his objections one a time, and today I’m addressing the genealogy of Jesus. According to this individual, both Matthew and Luke reported conflicting information about Jesus’s earthly genealogy, so let’s go to the Scriptures and analyze this, see video below

Scripture References:

Matthew 1:1-16

Luke 3:23-37

Genesis 15:3-6

Luke 1:1-4

Genesis 3:15

Genesis 38:6-9

Genesis 37:9-11

Genesis 30:3

John 8:56 

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