Truth For Life E16 | Is The Gospel About The Wonderful Plan God Has For Your Life? Romans 1:16-32

Is The Gospel About The Wonderful Plan God Has For Your Life

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Is the Gospel about the wonderful plan God has for your life? Preachers no longer want to preach the wrath of God because they want their congregation to be comfortable. Churches are filled with folks who are told Sunday after Sunday that  God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. It’s all about the individual and his personal goal in life rather than the gospel of God. The gospel cannot be the gospel unless we truly understand the wrath of God. Paul the apostle when confronted by God on the road to Damascus did not think that the gospel was a cute personal invitation from Christ. Neither did Paul think preaching  the wrath of God was old-fashioned after his conversion. This morning we are going to be looking at portions of Romans 1 to understand why it’s imperative that we begin the good news  with the wrath of God. See video

Scripture References:

Romans 1:16-32

1 Samuel 2 :12-17

1 Samuel 2 :22-25

The presentation’s notes are available in the slideshow below


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