Dicks Is Really About Their Name

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This post stems from a statement released by Dicks a few days after the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe Vs Wade. The company’s CEO  Lauren Hobart made the following statement on her LinkedIn page,

At DICK’S, our teammates are the heart of our business, and we are committed to protecting their health and well-being. Today, the Supreme Court announced a decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, removing the federal right to an abortion and leaving the decision up to each state.
While we do not know what decision each state will make in response to this ruling, we at DICK’S Sporting Goods are prepared to ensure that all of our teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which they live.
In response to today’s ruling, we are announcing that if a state one of our teammates lives in restricts access to abortion, DICK’S Sporting Goods will provide up to $4,000 in travel expense reimbursement to travel to the nearest location where that care is legally available. This benefit will be provided to any teammate, spouse or dependent enrolled in our medical plan, along with one support person.
We recognize people feel passionately about this topic — and that there are teammates and athletes who will not agree with this decision. However, we also recognize that decisions involving health and families are deeply personal and made with thoughtful consideration. We are making this decision so our teammates can access the same health care options, regardless of where they live, and choose what is best for them.

I don’t want to approach this subject from an emotional standpoint. But  I’d like to raise some serious questions that will force all of us to think critically. The first thing we need to know is the company’s agenda; everyone has one, regardless of how they present themselves. As a result, we must ascertain the motivation behind the statement. CBS recently released a poll that captured the nation’s reaction to the ruling. There were many categories considered, but I’ll only show you the most important one (see image below).

roe vs wade americans poll

You may be wondering why I included this, and I’ll explain. The ruling is opposed by 59 percent of the population, while it is supported by 41 percent. And among women, 33 percent support it, while the rest do not. You must understand one thing: most retailers are aware of and have access to data like this; it is not difficult to find. And businesses are primarily concerned with one thing: the money. As a result, their decision will always be biased. You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that you need to stack the deck in your favor. Dicks recognizes that going against the majority will be a fatal mistake for their revenues; in other words, if you want to win, you must side with the populous; it’s simple math. So no one should be surprised by the company’s statement.

Dicks may deny what I just said, but it is common knowledge that radical changes in societies occur only when people’s pockets are hurt. So I’m saying all this to say that Dicks’ decision may not be totally based on a genuine concern for women’s. Be sure to keep that in the back of your head.

My Body, My Choice

Opponents of the decision have only chanted one thing: her body, her choice. And I’m sure it’s a catchy slogan. On the surface, it appears to be correct, but closer examination reveals numerous flaws. We recognize that every life must be valued. Consider this for a moment. Since every life must be valued, how do you determine which life is more valuable, the embryo’s or the carrier’s? ( the woman). So, according to our logic, the baby (being aborted) is irrelevant and has no say in this matter. Here’s what’s fascinating about the whole thing. The women are portrayed as defenseless victims whose rights are being eroded. What about the babies? Who is fighting for them? I hope you see why this is such a slippery slope.

The problem we face is establishing an absolute, because without it, we are left with opinions based on subjective feelings. What we need to know is the truth, so what is the truth? Pilate asked the same question, and so should we. So, how do we know what is correct in this perplexing situation? I know I went off topic from Dicks, but please bear with me; I’ll get back to them eventually. This take me to my next point, the existence of God.

The Necessity To Establish Our Basis For Righteousness

Truth cannot be established through a referendum. We must understand that we are not our own, as well as the distinction between freedom and autonomy. When Jean Paul Sartre declared that we were not truly free, he was referring to autonomy. And we aren’t autonomous because we didn’t create this universe, and there are laws that govern this universe that go beyond our national laws, and they are the standard for righteousness. So whose laws are we under? God of course, now let’s prove rationally that He exists.

You first must start with your own consciousness. How do you know with certainty that you exist? French Philosopher Rene Descartes said questioning his own existence is answering his doubt about his own existence. In other words the fact that you’re actually questioning your existence shows that you exist because thinking in this manner requires a thinker. Now how do we go from that to prove that God exist ? Well there can only be three reasons for your existence. And we’ll proceed by elimination.

  1. You are eternal: That is not possible because there was a time when you didn’t exist. And the fact that you’re in a constant state of flux proves that you’re not eternal because if you were, you wouldn’t be changing. So option 1 is out of the question.
  2. You were self created: That’s also not possible because you have to first exist before you can create yourself. In other words you came out of nothing ,and that’s shear nonsense because out of nothing comes out nothing.
  3. You were created by something: you were created by something. And that’s the only one that holds. Philosophers call that something the necessary being , a being that explains all other existences. And that being cannot not be. So for God to be God He must be eternal , self existent , and we talk about the aseity of God. So we don’t even need the Scripture to prove that God exists but I’m saying this because if anything exists now , someone must have always existed or otherwise nothing could ever exist.  

God has imposed the knowledge of His existence on our minds so no one will ever be able to say that the reason why they don’t believe in God is because there is not enough evidence. So there is no such thing as an honest atheist. Now we’ve established that God exists objectively, we also need to establish that the Bible is His Word. For that, I’ll invite you to read an article I wrote a few months ago, see post below

How Do We Know That We Serve The True God?

God’s Will For The Unborn Babies

Now that we’ve established that God exist objectively we need to talk about what is his mind and his will for the unborn babies. So we are going to go to Psalm 139:13-16

13 For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a]
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
    intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
    the days that were formed for me,
    when as yet there was none of them.

As you can see, God is very concerned about unborn children. He has placed a high value on their lives. When David wrote this Psalm, he was demonstrating that his days were predetermined by God, that God knew him before he was born. This is how much God loves those he has called. So, because we’ve established that God is the standard for our righteousness, we must love unborn babies because God does. We must love them; it is not an option but a command. When you decide to destroy them, you are essentially opposing God’s will and standard. And, unless you repent, you will be held accountable for your decisions and actions.

But I don’t want to discuss this without addressing the most common objections I hear. What about a woman who was raped and became pregnant as a result, or what if the pregnancy is fatal to the woman, or what if the baby is seriously ill or will not have a quality of life, what if? Fill in the blanks.

Answering The Objection

I’d like to emphasize again that we’re not discussing isolated incidents. Rape is a terrible crime that can leave a woman scarred for life. However, we must learn to tell the difference between God’s general/defined will and isolated specific cases. Let me explain what I mean. God’s concept of marriage is that it must be permanent because God despises divorce. However, God also permitted divorce in cases of marital infidelity ( adultery). I’m not saying that God condones abortion in certain circumstances, but I believe that God is a God of mercy, and while he despises abortion, I believe that if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, God will make a way for her in that situation.

He could give her other options, such as placing the child for adoption, or he could change her heart’s disposition so that she ends up loving the child, who knows? We are attempting to play God when we make isolated cases major in order to justify our own immorality. when we bring up these hypothetical cases, we demonstrate that we have no idea who GOD is. Scripture clearly states that God is faithful and that He will not test us beyond our ability to withstand or bear, but that with every temptation or trial, He will make a way that we can bear. So we must put our trust in His providence and goodness to see us through whatever trials we may face.. Let’s go to Scripture and read Matthew 12:1-8,

12 At that time Jesus went through the grainfields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry, and they began to pluck heads of grain and to eat. But when the Pharisees saw it, they said to him, “Look, your disciples are doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath.” He said to them, “Have you not read what David did when he was hungry, and those who were with him: how he entered the house of God and ate the bread of the Presence, which it was not lawful for him to eat nor for those who were with him, but only for the priests? Or have you not read in the Law how on the Sabbath the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath and are guiltless? I tell you, something greater than the temple is here. And if you had known what this means, ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the guiltless. For the Son of Man is lord of the Sabbath.”

What Can We Learn From This?

The Sabbath was a solemn day of rest as given in Scripture. That was the rule; but on that day the disciples were plucking the heads of grain, Jesus ( God) permitted it because of His merciful attribute. He showed them mercy by allowing them to eat. But the sabbath keeping was still the standard and JESUS wouldn’t violate His own laws but in that specific case He made provisions through His mercy, because He is the Lord of the Sabbath. For example, when there is an accident on the road, a police officer will show up and begin to direct traffic. At that specific moment, he may tell you to drive even though the traffic light is RED. At that moment, the police officer’s authority transcends that of the traffic light. But it doesn’t mean that the police officer is violating the law. The Traffic light still has value but for the meantime, the police officer rules.

So we must submit to God’s rule and authority when it comes to the unborn children because God is the standard for our righteousness regardless of whether we approve of His word or not. We are not autonomous. We aren’t self existent.

Back to Dicks, the reason I said they were about their name wasn’t to be vulgar. Being about one’s name is essentially living out one’s identity. By openly stating its willingness to fund abortion, the company completely ignored God’s law. Here is what is so interesting about this matter. The Court’s decision did not revoke any federal rights; rather, it returns the right to the people by transferring it to the legislatures of each state. So I actually laughed when I typed the last sentence. The court’s decision essentially paralleled God’s law on abortion while allowing each state to make their own laws. So power is still essentially in the hands of the people, so I’m not sure why people are upset. Remember the statistics I provided earlier, 59 percent are opposed to the ruling, implying that abortion will likely remain legal in the majority of states. This ruling has exposed people’s hearts, and Dicks has been exposed for who they truly are. That should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the purpose of God’s laws. God gave Moses His laws (Torah) in order for them to reveal the depravity of the human heart. Our callous, selfish attitudes are revealed by our opposition to God’s righteous laws.

Dicks exemplifies what an unregenerate heart represents. By definition it is the condition of a person that hates the laws that God has put in place, and they do so because they cannot submit to it. This is why I said that Dicks is really about their name. This is really not a political battle but  a battle between what is moral and immoral before a Holy God. Dicks chose the latter and will be held accountable before God unless there is genuine repentance.

I’ll encourage you to read Romans 1. A bon entendeur, Salut.

tayib salami
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