Truth For Life E26 | Do You Know Jesus? A Closer Look At 1 John 2:1-4

Do You Know Jesus? A Closer Look At 1 John 2:1-4
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Do you know Jesus? So far here is what we’ve gathered  from chapter 1 of the book of 1 John. We learned that John was writing primarily to counter false teachers and the perversion they brought into the church. We also learned that John has testified that Jesus is indeed the Christ, and for that reason His teaching and word is absolute. John has also established that no one who claims to be in Union With Christ can continue to live in Sin. He has given us clear ways to distinguish that which is light ( consistent with the word of God) from that which is darkness, opposed to the word of God. John understands that there are genuine believers who might read His words and question their own walk with Jesus. So he writes the next chapter to reassure them but also gives us more practical ways to authenticate what a real believer looks like. We’re going to be looking at v1-4

Do you know Jesus

Scripture Refences:

1 John 2:1-4

Zechariah 3:1-10

1John 1:7-9

John 14:10-11

Isaiah 55:11

The presentation’s notes are available in the slideshow below

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