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I was watching a game of basketball via NBA League Pass about a week ago and during one of the  commercial breaks, an ad featuring the new Under Armour Curry 6 popped up; it was a little more than half a minute long. I was a bit disappointed with the ad at first because it was not very engaging – all it showed was Steph moving with and without the ball, taking a couple of triples, then came images of the elements  that made up the sneaker in between Curry’s moves, with short phrases about the shoes technical features. The ad wasn’t any different fromRead More →

Under Armour lack of enthusiasm towards Curry’s signature shoes continues to show with every new colorway that is introduced. Had I not checked out this morning, I wouldn’t have known anything about warrior guard Steph’s upcoming Asia tour. I purposely checked Under Armour site, youtube channel and IG’s account to see if any information was posted about the tour and I found absolutely nothing about it. It seems like Curry is more hyped overseas than he is in North America; there is only one video ad on UA’s youtube channel on the Curry 5 and that says a lot about how little interest isRead More →

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