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space jam

I just picked up a pair of the Air Jordan 11 XI space Jam from my local outlets; these are official Nike B-grade shoes. upon closer inspection, I didn’t see any flaws on the shoes. You can see the B grade stamp on the inside label; they also come in the regular black Jordan box, see pictures below and you can buy them from our shop now-CLICK HERE  Read More →

Do release dates even matter en more? News of the True Blue 3 being available on Finishline was groundbreaking. This is certainly great news if you are a sneaker collector; it means the resale market has finally died out – hence you will be able to just walk in a store and grab your beloved GR’s hassle free. I’m not sure if this will also be the case with more limited shoes; but this is definitely the perfect time to be a collector. Anyway the most anticipated shoes of the year is the Space Jam #45; JB marketing genius has managed to bring two spaceRead More →

Air Jordan 9 IX Retro OG Space Jam? Are You kidding me? This is exactly what happens when a shoe is retroed so many times. JB feels the need to alter its nickname just to throw us off. I understand MJ rocked these Jordan 9’s during the “space Jam ” movie, but they are commonly called the Air Jordan 9 Playoffs. Call me grumpy old man but I think the “nickname” of the shoes should be unchanged-JB is basically showing contempt to the Sneaker Community. Yes ,the 9’s are a property of Nike and yes they can do whatever they want; but to me ,Read More →

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